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Unit 9 : Undersea World

B. Speaking


– Language content:

+ To provide Ss sentences and expressions for making suggestions about the health of the oceans.

– Language function:

+ To help students talk about how to protect oceans and talk about causes and consequences of destroying the ocean environment.

– Educational aims:

+ Ss should contribute their parts to protect the natural or ocean environment.


a.Vocabulary: sparingly, herbicide, pesticide, fertilizer, responsibly, net, endanger, dispose of, release

b.Structures: should + bare-inf

shouldn’t + bare-inf

Skills: Intergrated skills .

Task 1. Below are some actions that should be taken to protect our oceans. Work in pairs. Put the actions in the order of importance and then say what we should or should not do. (Dưới đây là một số hành động nên được thực hiện để bảo vệ đại dương của chúng ta. Làm việc theo cặp. Xếp thứ tự các hành động theo tầm quan trọng và sau đó nói những gì chúng ta nên hoặc không nên làm.)

□ a) Place rubbish and plastic bags in proper dustbins.

□ b) Use water sparingly and do not pollute it.

□ c) Do not fish for species that are limited, threatened or endangered.

□ d) Dispose of fishing lines and nets properly, not in or near the water.

□ e) Do not use herbicides, pesticides and fertilizers that harm the environment.

□ f) Leam all you can about the oceans.

□ g) Keep only the fish that you will eat; release the rest.

□ h) Be a smart shopper and choose your seafood responsibly.

Xếp thứ tự:

1-f 2-e 3-c 4-d 5-g 6-a & b 7-h

1-f) I think action (f) is the most important because if we learn all about the oceans we can we’ll understand their values and try to protect them.

=> We should learn all about the oceans.

2-e) We should not use herbicides, pesticides and fertilizers that harm the environment.

3-c) We should not fish for species that are limited, threatened or endangered.

4-d) We should dispose of fishing lines and nets properly.

5-g) We should keep only the fish we will eat and release the rest.

6-a & b) We should place rubhlish and plastic bags in proper dustbins and use watter sparingly and do not pollute it.

7-h) We should choose our seafood responsibly.

Task 2. Work in groups. Below are some threats to the health of the oceans. Discuss the consequences that might occur and offer some possible solutions. (Làm việc theo nhóm. Dưới đây là một số mối đe dọa với đại dương. Thảo luận các hậu quả có thể xảy ra và đưa ra một số giải pháp.)

A: Beaches are filled with plastic bags, pieces of glass and cigarette butts. This makes the sea polluted and endanger sea plants and animals.

B: And we should clean up beaches and tell people not to litter them.

C: We also should set up posters at holiday resorts, especially on the beaches, and have the campaign of “Keep our environment clean and beautiful” in schools, that is we should educate children and people about a clean and healthy environment.

A: Whales and sharks are still hunted for food, medicine and other products.

B: This makes these sea animals extinct some day.

C: So all governments should have laws that prohibit the hunt for these endangered sea animals for any purpose. And I think restaurants in the world don’t serve the food made from these animals’ meat.

Task 3. Report to the class what your group has discussed. (Tường thuật cho lớp những gì nhóm em đã thảo luận.)

My group has discussed the threats to beaches which are now being polluted with all kind of rubbish such as plastic bags, pieces of glass and cigarette buits, … . And we think that in order to rescue beaches, we should clean them up and at the same time tell everybody not to litter them. Besides these, we should educate people how important a healthy environment can be to our life! And this project should be carried out in schools so that small school population can get a good habit of conserving environment from early ages.

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