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Unit 8 : Tourism LANGUAGE FOCUS Topic: Tourism Phonetics: Tones in asking for information Grammar: Articles; a(n), the, zero article Vocabulary: – Tourism – Compound nouns Skills: – Reading and talking about a tourist attraction and your choice of a holiday – Listening about the benefits of tourism to an area/ country – Writing about the negative effects of tourism on an area/country PRACTICE I. Choose a word in each line that has different stress pattern. 1. A. Stimulate B....

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Unit 8 : Tourism





Tones in asking for information


Articles; a(n), the, zero article


– Tourism

– Compound nouns


– Reading and talking about a tourist attraction and your choice of a holiday

– Listening about the benefits of tourism to an area/ country

– Writing about the negative effects of tourism on an area/country


I. Choose a word in each line that has different stress pattern.

1. A. Stimulate

B. Organise

C. Efficient

D. Terminal

2. A. Challenge

B. Promote

C. Affect

D. Machine

3. A. Discover

B. Addition

C. Fantastic

D. Habitat

4. A. Wildlife

B. Afford

C. Mountain

D. Passport

5. A. Magnificence

B. Geography

C. Expedition

D. Accommodate

II. Complete the sentences with the words from the box. Use each word once only.

Buffet caravan cruise destination harbour

Luggage resort ticket tour trip

1. The manager is away on a business_____so I am in charnge of the office now

2. If you want to see historical places it is a good idea to go on a guided______.

3. They met on board of a luxurious yacht during a _______ in the Caribbean.

4. After changing trains three times we arrived at our _______ in the end.

5. If you have any excess __________ you must pay extra money.

6. We spent our last holidays at a camping site, living in a ________.

7. They spent two weeks at a fashionable ski ________ in Switzerland.

8. Nam checked to make sure he had his_______ and passport.

9. On most trains there is a _______ where you can eat a snack or something hot.

10. As soon as the ship left the_____everybody got seasick.

III.Give the correct form of the word In CAPITALS to complete each of the following sentences.

1. I’m very happy that my parents let me make my own _______about holiday destinations.(DECIDE)

2. At this time it may not be easy to find accommodation with ________ prices.(REASON)

3 _______ , our flight was cancelled and we had to spend one night at the airport. (LUCK)

4. The Opera House is one of the most popular tourist______ in Sydney.(ATTRACT)

5. They live in a remote area which is______except by horse.(ACCESS)

6. They were the first ______to cross the coutry from south to north.( EXPLORE)

7. What has been the most _________experience in your life as a tourist guide, Ms. Lien?(CHALLENGE)

8. More and more foreigners like travelling to Viet Nam for holiday because things are ________ here.(AFFORD)

9. British cavers have made some important _______ about Son Doong Cave.(DISCOVER)

10. For the more______ tourists, there are trips into the mountains with a local guide. (ADVENTURE)

IV. Complete the following postcard with a/an, the, or zero article (0).

Hi Nga,

You know what? I’ve done it, at last! I’m on (1) _____ Explore Europe holiday to

see ten different countries in (2) ______ Europe. I watch them go past from (3) _____

window of (4) _______ luxury air-conditioned coach and stay at top campsites on

(5) _____ way. So far I’ve visited (6) ______ Eiffel Tower in Paris, (7) ______ historic

Sistine Chapel in (8)_____ Vatican, taken (9) _____ gondola ride through (10) _____

canals in Venice, eaten (11) ______ apple strudel in Vienna and listened to (12)

Krizik Singing Fountain in Prague. But there’s lots more on our itinerary. At (13)_____

end of this week we will have (14)______ lot of fun in Tatralandia Aquapark in Slovakia.

Bye for now,


Ps. You should also go on (15) ____ touring holiday in the future.

V. Complete each of the following sentences with a compound noun from tie box.

boarding pass check-in hand luggage jet lag low season

package tours round trip sleeping bag stopover take-offs

1. We should arrive at _______at least two hours before departure.

2. I like going on______ because everything is organised for you and included in the price.

3. It is reported that night __________ and landings are banned at this airport.

4. You can keep a small bag with you and take it on the plane as __________ .

5. Tom can’t get out of his _________ . The zipper is stuck.

6. They had a two-day __________in Viet Nam on the way to Moscow.

7. Mr. Linh said that it was a 80-kilometre ________ to his home town.

8. You must have a __________ to be allowed to get on an aircraft or a ship.

9. My grandmother is still suffering from___________ after her trip to Australia.

10. The _______for travel to Europe is defined as the months from November

to March.

VI. Choose the correct option A, B, C, or D to complete the sentences.

1. David_____ a seat on the evening flight to Ho Chi Minh City.

A. Travelled B. paid C. booked D. made

2. A _____ is usually necessary when you travel overseas.

A. Passport B. driving licence C. birth certificate D. degree

3. They are going to spend their holiday _____ rural France.

A. Relaxing B. exploring C. reserving D. searching

4. An example of a ______ is a tour through Africa to view the elephants and lions.

A. Safari B. voyage C. mission D. cruise

5. There was a long queue at the______ and customers were getting impatient.

A. Stopover

B. Take-off

C. Departure lounge

D. Check-out

6. Excuse me, how much is a _____ to New York?

A. Ticket return

B. Return ticket

C. Returning ticket

D. Ticket returning

7. Yesterday we visited _____ Buckingham Palace hoping to see the Queen.

A. A B. an C. the D. 0

8. We always eat_____ local food when we are abroad.

A. A B. an C. the D. 0

9. The owner of the hotel gave us ________warm welcome.

A. A B. an C. the D. 0

10. It’s ____unusual tourist attraction and it’s worth seeing.

A. A B. an C. the D. 0

VII. Read the following passage and choose the best option for each numbered blank.

The Maldives are a group of very small islands in the Indian Ocean, near Sri Lanka.

It has the smallest (1) ____ of any Asian countries. There are about 1200 islands and

there are people living on 200 of them. About 400,000 people live in the Maldives and

75,0 of them are (2) ______ the capital island, Mai…. Mai… is different from the other

islands in the Maldives because it doesn’t have any beaches. In fact, there is a small wall (3) _____ goes around the whole island.

It is very easy to get around the islands. When you (4) _____ on the airport island,

you can take a dhoni and go to Mai… This is a small boat used for (5) _____ around

the islands. Dhoni taxis go from the airport island to the capital island every fifteen

minutes and (6) _____ midnight every half an hour. You can use these boats to visit

other islands, too.

The Maldives are a popular place for scuba diving (7)__________there are many

wonderful fish in the water to see. Also, the water is very dear so when you are

(8) _____ you can see for more than 50 metres! There are many professional diving

schools with instructors. They speak many languages, so you can (9) _____ someone

to help you. Of course, that’s not all you can do on these beautiful islands. You can go whale and dolphin (10) _____ , fishing, surfing, snorkeling, hiking or explore the towns.

1. A. Nation

B. Population

C. Area

D. Inhabitant

2. A. In

B. At

C. Above

D. On

3. A. Who

B. Where

C. That

D. It

4. A. Arrive

B. Travel

C. Depart

D. Leave

5. A. Education

B. Transportation

C. Production

D. Translation

6. A. At

B. Before

C. On

D. After

7. A. Although

B. Because

C. However

D. Furthermore

8. A. Underwater

B. Underlevel

C. Undersea

D. Underneath

9. A. Look

B. See

C. Find

D. Hold

10. A. Playing

B. Catching

C. Hearing

D. Watching

VIII. Read the following passage and answer the questions.

Travel and tourism are very important to millions of people over the world. In every country you can find people that work in travel and tourism. Some countries need the money from tourism to help their people survive. It is necessary for these places that travel and tourism continue to expand and bring money to their regions.

However, travel and tourism have negative aspects. Planes, buses, boats and other means of transportation that carry travellers and tourists cause pollution. Moreover, some people do things on a holiday they would never think of doing at home. For example, many travellers use a lot of water and electricity when they stay in hotels.

They forget to turn off the lights or even leave televisions and air conditioning units on when they leave the room. On top of that, it is often difficult or impossible for travellers

to recycle items, so they end up leaving large amounts of waste behind. That’s why it is important for people to travel wisely and respect the places they visit.

There are ways you can travel and be environmentally friendly. Here are some tips to help you:

1. Don’t throw rubbish on streets, beaches or in the countryside.

2. Don’t use too much water or electricity.

3. Taste the local and national dishes of the country.

4. Buy local products or souvenirs.

5. Don’t buy any products made from endangered species; sea turtle shells or bags made from reptiles or other animals.

1. Why is tourism important to some countries?


2. How does tourism affect the environment?


3. What do many people use a lot when staying in hotels?


4. Why do some tourists end up leaving large amounts of waste behind?


5. What shouldn’t you do to be environmentally friendly? Mention two ideas.


XI. Use the words given and other words, complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence. Do not change the word given. (Use 2 – 5 words in total).

1. Lan hasn’t decided where to go on holiday, mind

Lan hasn’t ________________________ about where to go on holiday.

2. We don’t like travelling during peak season, into

We ___________________________during peak season.

3. Scuba-diving is not really my cup of tea, interested

I ________________________ scuba-diving.

4. No mountains in Western Europe are higher than Mount Blanc, the

Mount Blanc_______________________ Western Europe.

5. They require special permits to access Son Doong Cave, to

Special permits ____________________________ Son Doong Cave.

X. Write full sentences. Use the words/ phrases given.

1. More / new / restaurant / hotel / will / build / town / accommodate / increasing / number/tourist //.


2. Although / Canberra / capital /Australia / not / popular / tourists / as / Sydney //.


3. While / mass tourism / not have / negative effect / developed countries / can / harmful effect / underdeveloped areas / world //.


4. Yesterday / we / take / bus / small town / coast / and / find / hotel / beautiful view / sea //.


5. Sustainable / tourism / tourism / attempt / make / as / low impact / environment / local culture / possible //.


XI. Use the following ideas to write a paragraph of around 100 words about the negative effects of tourism.

Negative effect: quality of life of the local community is changed

• Changes in lifestyle change

• Changes in cultural and traditional practices

• Changes in physical structure







Match the types of tourism with the activities.

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