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Unit 8 The World of Work

E. Writing

Bài 1. Read the following job advertisement. Answer the questions about it.

(Đọc quảng cáo công việc sau đây. Trả lời các câu hỏi về nó.)


Hiasha, a busy Japanese restaurant offering first-rate service, food, and ambience, is looking to expand its team of waiters and waitresses.

Main responsibilities

* setting up tables

* meeting and greeting guests

* taking food and beverage orders

* delivering food and beverages

* clearing and cleaning tables

* packing take-away orders


* no prior experience required

* exceptional communication skills and great customer service skills

* good food and beverage knowledge

* excellent attention to detail

* a positive attitude and enthusiastic personality

The successful candidate will be offered:

* great rates of payment

* professional, fun, and safe working environment

To apply for this position, send your CV and a covering letter to our Human Resources Department at [email protected] Please note that only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

1. What job is being offered?

2. What are the responsibilities of a waiter/waitress? Tick (V) the correct option(s).

__Setting up tables

__Buying food and beverages

__Cooking food

__Clearing tables

__Putting take-away orders in bags for customers

3. Do applicants need prior experience to apply for this job?

4. What are the benefits for successful candidates?

5. Will all applicants be contacted?


1. A waiter/waitress

2. Tick: setting up tables, clearing tables, putting take-away orders in bags for customers

3. No, they don’t.

4. They can get great rates of payment and work in a professional, fun, and safe environment

5. No, only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

Bài 2. You think that the job of waiter/waitress advertised in is exactly the one you are looking for. Write a CV of your own to apply for it. Remember to tailor your CV to the job requirements so that you have a better chance of being shortlisted for an interview.

(Bạn nghĩ rằng công việc bồi bàn quảng cáo ở bài 1 chính là việc bạn đang tìm kiếm. Viết CV của riêng bạn để đăng ký cho nó. Hãy nhớ điều chỉnh CV của bạn để phù hợp yêu cầu công việc để bạn có một cơ hội được lọt vào danh sách phỏng vấn.)


Personal details

Name: _____________________________________

Address: ____________________________________

Mobile phone:________________________________

Home phone: ________________________________

Email: _____________________________________

Personal summary and career objectives



Education and qualifications

20… -20…: __________________________________

20… -20…: __________________________________

20… -20…: __________________________________

Work experience










Available upon request

Table B

Unit 8 The World of Work


Unit 8 The World of Work


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