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Unit 7 Artificial Intelligence

C. Reading

Bài 1. Read the following text and choose the best answer to each question.

(Đọc phần văn bản sau đây và chọn câu trả lời đúng nhất cho mỗi câu hỏi.)

According to futurist Ray Kurzweil, human civilisation will be unavoidably transformed in the year 2045 by an event that he calls The Singularity. He suggests that exponential technological development will lead to the inevitable rise of artificial intelligence (A.I.). Such advanced technology may make humanity insignificant.

Kurzweil says that technologies are double-edged swords and envisions the possibility that an artificial intelligence might decide to put an end to humanity simply because it surpasses human intelligence. Kurzweil does have faith in mankind, however. He suggests that people are wise to accept that technological progress is unavoidable, and that such acceptance will make the process of transition easier.

Kurzweil has personal reasons to hope for the coming of The Singularity, because he wants his life to be extended by it. Kurzweil envisions that future medical advances could invent tiny computerised machines, or nanobots, which operate inside the body to enhance the immune system. In addition, he believes that future technology might be able to resurrect his deceased father.

Looking at the state of current technological advances in many fields such as medicine, navigation, and communication, Kurzweil’s visions may not be unbelievable.The critical issue, however, is whether genuine artificial intelligence can ever be truly realised. Kurzweil suggests that critics of his theories, who believe that the human brain is too complex to duplicate, are underestimating what the exponential growth in technology can eventually accomplish.

1. What is The Singularity?

A. An event giving rise to future human beings.

B. An event giving rise to future artificial intelligence.

C. An event giving rise to future alien civilisation.

2. Why could The Singularity put an end to humans?

A. Because A.I. might imitate human intelligence.

B. Because A.I. is similar to human intelligence.

C. Because A.I. will exceed human intelligence.

3. What does Kurzweil say about technologies?

A. Technologies are avoidable.

B. Technologies are safe and friendly.

C. Technologies are double-edged swords.

4. Why does Kurzweil hope for the coming of The Singularity?

A. Because it would have economic advantages.

B. Because life could be extended.

C. Because human would have virtual entertainment.

5. How does Kurzweil respond to critics of his theories?

A. He thinks that they do not evaluate correctly the rapid growth of technology.

B. He thinks that the realisation of genuine artificial intelligence is a challenge.

C. He thinks that future events cannot be predicted with our current means.


1. B 2. C 3. C 4. B 5. A

Bài 2. Find the words in the text which mean the following:

(Tìm những từ trong bài mà có nghĩa như sau:)

1. Rapidly becoming greater in size

2. Impossible to avoid something to happen

3. See something in advance

4. Go beyond what was expected or hoped for, usually by being bigger, better, or greater

5. No longer living

6. True; honest; having the qualities or value claimed


1. Exponential 2. inevitable 3. envision

4. Surpass(es) 5. deceased 6. genuine

Bài 3. Work in pairs. Discuss the following questions.

(Làm việc theo cặp. Thảo luận các câu hỏi sau đây.)

1. What does ‘double-edged swords’ mean?

2. a. Why does Kurzweil consider technologies to be ‘double-edged swords’?

b. Do you agree with him?


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