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Unit 7 Artificial Intelligence

B. Vocabulary & Grammar

Bài 1. Find in the word square the following words: humans, destruction, artificial, intelligence machines, robots, advanced, automated, algorithm.

(Tìm trong ô vuông những từ sau đây: humans, destruction, artificial, intelligence machines, robots, advanced, automated, algorithm. )

Unit 7 Artificial Intelligence


Unit 7 Artificial Intelligence

Bài 2. Complete the sentences with the words from the word square. Change the form of the words if necessary.

(Hoàn thành các câu với từ trong ô vuông từ. Thay đổi hình thức từ nếu cần.)

1. ___________ does not exist yet, but scientists are working hard to create computers that can think like human beings.

2. ___________ are used to replace humans in dangerous or repetitive jobs.

3. Intelligent ___________ are widely used in many fields such as heavy industries, hospital medicine business, and the military.

4. It is believed by some people that intelligent robots will rise up against___________ in the near future.

5. Many futurists believe that in the near future ___________ technology will make many currently impossible things a reality.

6. Computers solve problems and complete calculations by following sets of rules called___________

7. Do you really think that artificial intelligence can cause ___________ to humans and the world?

8. If you have ever called a company and reached an ___________ voice system, you have experienced a kind of basic artificial intelligence.


1. Artificial intelligence

2. Robots

3. Machines

4. Humans

5. Advanced

6. Algorithm

7. Destruction

8. Automated

Bài 3 Complete the sentences with the correct form of the words in brackets. Change form, if necessary.

(Hoàn thành câu với hình thức đúng của các từ trong ngoặc đơn. Thay đổi hình thức, nếu cần thiết.)

1. Highly intelligent machines can be automated to operate without human ___________. (intervene, intervention)

2. One of the popular ___________used in smartphones at present is voice recognition. (apply, application)

3. There are a lot of online language learning programs which are able to ___________ with learners. (interact, interaction)

4. Internet search engines can help to___________ the weather as well as traffic jams in a city. (predict, prediction)

5. GPS systems help a lot of people to ___________ on land, on the sea, and in the air. (navigate, navigation)

6. Here is a list of my top computer game___________ . (recommend, recommendation)

7. The shop owner ___________ the police of the theft of computers from his shop last night. (inform, information)


1. Intervention 2. applications 3. interact 4. predict

5. Navigate 6. recommendations 7. informed

Bài 4 Rewrite the sentences, using the active causative.

(Viết lại câu, sử dụng cấu trúc câu cầu khiến.)


The mechanic changed the oil in my motorbike.

I had the mechanic change the 01 n my motorbike.

1. A group of workmen installed an automated gate in our garage.


2. A mechanic repaired my father’s car.


3. A friend of mine, a computer expert is going to install a new program for me next week.


4. A specialist cleaner is cleaning my mother’s new jacket.


5. A construction company has just rebuilt the meeting hall at my school.


6. My brother’s friend is going to repair his DVD player next week.


7. A robotics company has installed two automatic systems for the car manufacturer.


8. The computer categorised images under the direction of the lead researcher of the project.



1. I had a group of workmen install an automated gate in our garage.

2. My father had a mechanic repair his car.

3. I’m going to have my friend, a computer expert, install a new program for me next week.

4. My mother is having a specialist cleaner clean her new jacket.

5. My school has just had a construction company rebuild the meeting hall.

6. My brother is going to have his friend repair his DVD player next week.

7. The car manufacturer has had a robotics company install two automatic systems.

8. The lead researcher of the project had the computer categorise images.

Bài 5. Make sentences using all the information and the verb given. Change the word form, and add more words, if necessary.

(Tạo câu sử dụng tất cả các thông tin và động từ được cho. Thay đổi hình thức từ, và thêm từ nhiều hơn, nếu cần thiết.)

Example: Tomorrow / go / garage / car / service

Tomorrow I’m going to the garage to get my car serviced.

1. Last week / go / the vet’s / dog / vaccinate

2. This afternoon / go / the doctor’s / blood pressure / take

3. Yesterday / go / the optician’s / eyes / test

4. Last week / talk / accountant / annual account / do

5. The day before yesterday / see / the architect / new house / design

6. Next week / go / the dentist’s / a tooth / take

7. Next Saturday / go the hairdresser’s / hair / cut


1. Last week I went to the vet’s to have/get my dog vaccinated.

2. This afternoon I’m going to the doctor’s to have/get my blood pressure taken.

3. Yesterday I went to the optician’s to have/get my eyes tested.

4. Last week I talked with my accountant to have/get my annual accounts done.

5. The day before yesterday I saw the architect to have/get my new house designed.

6. Next week I’m going to the dentist’s to have/get a tooth taken out.

7. Next Saturday I’m going to the hairdresser’s to have/get my hair cut.


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