Unit 7 Artificial Intelligence (A. Pronunciation) trang 12 – Sách bài tập tiếng anh 12 – Chương trình mới

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Unit 7 Artificial Intelligence

A. Pronunciation

Bài 1. Read the following exchanges. Mark the stressed syllables.

(Đọc các trao đổi sau. Đánh dấu các âm tiết nhấn mạnh.)

1. A: What’s the film about?

B: It’s about the future of the human race.

2. A: What happens to humans after two thousand years in the film?

B: Humans invent artificially intelligent robots who look like humans.

3. A: What happened to David, the robotic boy?

B: Monica, his mother, left him in a faraway forest.

4. A: What did David think when that happened?

B: He thought Monica didn’t love him anymore because he wasn’t a real boy.

5. A: What did David do after that?

B: He went searching for the Blue Fairy.

6. A: Why did David look for the Blue Fairy?

B: Because he wanted her to help him to become a real boy.

7. A: Did David find the Blue Fairy?

B: No, he didn’t.

8. A: What do you think about the film?

B: I think it was exciting, but far fetched.


1. A: ‘What’s the ‘film a’bout?

B: It’s a’bout the ‘future of the ‘human ‘race.

2. A: ‘What ‘happens to ‘humans ‘after ‘two ‘thousand ‘years in the ‘film?

B: ‘Humans in’vent arti’ficially in’telligent ‘robots ‘who ‘look ‘like ‘humans.

3. A: ‘What ‘happened to ‘David, the ro’botic ‘boy?

B: ‘Monica, his ‘mother, ‘left him in a ‘faraway ‘forest.

4. A: ‘What did ‘David ‘think when ‘that ‘happened?

B: He ‘thought ‘Monica ‘didn’t ‘love him ‘anymore be’cause he ‘wasn’t a ‘real ‘boy.

5. A: ‘What did ‘David do ‘after ‘that?

B: He ‘went ‘searching for the ‘Blue ‘Fairy.

6. A: ‘Why did ‘David ‘look ‘for the ‘Blue ‘Fairy?

B: Be’cause he ‘wanted her to ‘help him to be’come a ‘real ‘boy.

7. A: Did ‘David ‘find the ‘Blue ‘Fairy?

B: ‘No, he ‘didn’t.

8. A: ‘What do ‘you ‘think a’bout the ‘film?

B: I ‘think it was ex’citing, but ‘far ‘fetched.

Bài 2. Work in pairs. Practise the sentences in 1.

(Làm việc theo cặp. Thực hành các câu trong bài 1.)


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