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Unit 6 Endangered species

B. Vocabulary & Grammar

Bài 1. Complete the following table.

(Hoàn thành bảng dưới đây)

Unit 6 Endangered species


1. Dangerous, endangered (adj) / endanger (v)

2. Extinction (n) / extinct (adj)

3. Evolution (n) / evolve (v)

4. Diverse (adj) / diversify (v)

5. Poacher (n)

6. Vulnerable (adj)

Bài 2. Choose the words from the completed table in to complete these sentences. Make changes to the word forms where necessary.

(Chọn các từ trong bảng đã hoàn thành để hoàn thành các câu. Thay đổi hình thức từ những chỗ cần thiết.)

1. Many people think the money spent on protecting__________species should be used for improving the lives of the local people.

2. Animals classified as CR on the conservation status scale are in danger of__________ .

3. Old people and children are particularly__________ to lung diseases in the cold weather.

4. Elephants are usually ___________ for their tusks, while rhinos are killed for their horns.

5. This river used to have the greatest__________ of freshwater fish in the country, but now very few species are found here.

6. The new__________ theory has combined Darwin’s theory of natural selection with genetic factors to explain how__________occurs.


1. Endangered 2. extinction 3. vulnerable

4 . Poached 5. diversity 6. evolutionary, evolution

Bài 3. Below are an environmentalist’s notes, predicting how the world will have changed by the year 2040. Use the notes to write sentences in the future perfect tense. The first one has been done for you.

(Dưới đây là những ghi chú của một nhà môi trường học, dự đoán cách thế giới sẽ thay đổi vào năm 2040. Sử dụng các ghi chú để viết câu ở thì tương lai hoàn thành. Câu đầu tiên đã được thực hiện cho bạn.)

By the year 2040 …

1. Sea temperatures / increase / by several degrees

2. Climate change / cause / many areas in the world / under sea level

3. Rhinos/become/totally extinct

4. Sea turtles / restore / population level / thanks to human efforts

5. We / replace / energy generated from fossil fuels / with wind and sun power

6. Pollution problems / be effectively solved / in many countries

By the year 2040,

1. Sea temperatures will have increased by several degrees.


3. _________________________________________________

4. _________________________________________________

5. _________________________________________________

6. _________________________________________________


2. Climate change will have caused many areas in the world to be under sea level.

3. Rhinos will have become totally extinct.

4. Sea turtles will have restored their population level thanks to human efforts.

5. We will have replaced energy generated from fossil fuels with wind and sun power.

6. Pollution problems will have been effectively solved in many countries.

Bài 4 Complete the sentences with appropriate words from the box. A word can be used more than once.

(Hoàn thành câu với những từ ngữ thích hợp trong hộp. Một từ có thể được sử dụng nhiều hơn một lần.)

more less faster better harder higher stricter

1. The ________ you water this plant, the ________it will grow.

2. The ________ fast food you eat, the ________healthy you might become.

3. The ________ our laws against poaching are, the ________ chances there are for endangered animals to survive.

4. The ________ the demand for ivory products is, the ________ the number of elephants falls.

5. The ________ you study for the exam, the ________ your scores will be.


1. More … faster/better

2. More … less

3. Stricter… more

4. Higher… faster

5. More/harder… higher/better

Bài 5. Each of the following sentences has one mistake. Underline the mistakes and write the corrections in the spaces provided.

(Mỗi câu sau đây có một lỗi sai. Gạch dưới những lỗi sai và viết những chỉnh sửa ở chỗ được cung cấp.)

1. I’ll wait for you here until you will have finished your work.


2. The faster you drive, it becomes more dangerous.


3. By the time we will have got to the conference about wildlife protection, the opening speech have started.


4. The more severe climate change becomes, the more serious wildlife is affected.


5. More people move to the city, the higher the cost of living there gets.



1. Will have finished -> have finished

2. It becomes more dangerous -> the more dangerous it becomes

3. Will have got -> get

4. Serious -> seriously

5. More -> The more


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