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Unit 5 Cultural identity

D. Speaking

Bài 1. Choose the utterances (a-f) to complete the conversation.

(Chọn những phát biểu (a-f) để hoàn thành cuộc trò chuyện.)

a. maintain my cultural identity

b. but they won’t last long

c. you can wear your traditional dress

d I’m worried about culture shock

e there are some styles of clothing associated with Australia

f. should be encouraged to wear their national costumes

Vy: I’m going to study in Australia and (1)____________.What should I do?

David: Well, Australians are very friendly people and you can make lots of friends. That would help.

Vy: But I’ll miss my mum’s cooking. Do you think I should take my favourite Vietnamese snacks with me?

David: (laughing) Yes, of course, (2)___________Australia is a multicultural country and you’ll be able to find some nice Vietnamese restaurants there. You should also try to speak more English and experience the new culture.

Vy: Yes, but I want to (3) ___________.

David: I’m sure that you can do that. Obviously, you can’t speak Vietnamese, except when you’re with your Vietnamese friends, but (4)_____________. It’s that long silk dress, isn’t it?

Vy: You mean the ao dai? We used to wear the plain white ao dai as school uniforms. I also have some ao dai that I wear at Tet and on other formal occasions. I love ther’ definitely take them with me.

David: The ao dai is very beautiful. I think people (5)___________ . We car earn a lot about the history, culture and customs of a country from its traditional clothing.

Vy: I agree. Do you have a national costume in Australia?

David: No, we don’t have an official national costume, but (6)___________ for example, bushwear is basically clothes that are worn when you go into the forests and surSvear is anything you wear on the beach.

Vy: Sounds interesting and so different from Viet Nam!


1. d 2. b 3. a 4. c 5. f 6. e

Bài 2. Practise the completed conversation with a partner.Take turns role-playing the two speakers.

( Thực hành cuộc trò chuyện hoàn chỉnh với một người bạn. Đổi vai giữa hai người.)

Students’ practice

Bài3 . With your partner, make a similar conversation between a student who is going to study in another country and a friend from that country. You can choose one of the following situations or your own ideas:

(Với người bạn, tạo một cuộc đối thoại tương tự giữa một sinh viên đang đi du học ở một nước khác và một người bạn từ quốc gia đó. Bạn có thể chọn một trong các trường hợp sau đây hoặc ý tưởng của riêng bạn:)

1. Studying in Scotland and getting used to different food and weather: wearing traditional clothing to maintain cultural identity; national costumes in Scotland

2. Studying in the US and getting used to a different way of communication; cooking own food to maintain cultural identity; American food

3. Studying in Singapore and missing friends and family; wearing traditional clothing to maintain cultural identity; national costumes in Singapore

Students’ answers


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