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Unit 5 Cultural identity

C. Reading

Bài 1. Read the following text and fill each gap with a word from the box.

(Đọc đoạn văn dưới đây và điền vào mỗi chỗ trống với một từ trong hộp)

ancestors controversial superstition rituals

generations authorities proud expressions

While people’s cultural identity is undoubtedly always protected and regarded as their most important characteristic, its (1) _________ can sometimes be inappropriate, particularly in today’s modern society. In the age of increased globalisation, some festivals include (2) _________ that are considered too old-fashioned and obviously need to be modified.

An example is the (3) ___________ pig-slaughter festival in a village in northern Viet Nam.There has been outrage in the country and other parts of the world as shocking photos and videos have shown the pigs getting tied down and sliced in half. According to ancient beliefs, this festival is celebrated to pray for good luck and fortune in the new year.

The pig-slaughter ceremony has taken place in the village for many centuries.The older (4) _________ insist on continuing this so-called ‘cultural’ practice and have argued that they are keeping the traditions of their (5)__________________ alive. They also say it does not break the law and should be decided by the villagers.

Concerns about this backward festival have been raised not only by international animal rights groups, but also by the (6) _________.They have called on villagers to make certain adjustments to the ceremony. A government spokesperson has also expressed disapproval of cultural practices that are based on (7) _________ and barbarian practices.

Ultimately, traditions will have to undergo changes as societies become more modern and develop new values and symbols. While it is important to preserve traditions and customs, communities should make sure that the rituals are in harmony with current social beliefs, strengthen their sense of belonging, and make people (8) _________of their cultural identity.


1. Expressions 2. rituals 3. controversial 4. generations

5. Ancestors 6. authorities 7. superstition 8. proud

Bài 2 Does the writer approve or disapprove of the pig-slaughter festival? Find the words/phrases in the text that indicate his attitude towards the ritual.

(nhà văn chấp thuận hay không chấp thuận lễ hội giết mổ lợn? Tìm các từ / cụm từ trong văn bản mà chỉ ra thái độ của anh đối với các nghi lễ.)

Paragraph 1: ____________________________

Paragraph 2: ____________________________

Paragraph 3: ____________________________

Paragraph 4: ____________________________


Paragraph 1. inappropriate; old-fashioned

Paragraph 2. controversial; outrage; shocking

Paragraph 3. so-called ‘cultural’

Paragraph 4. concerns; backward; disapproval; superstition; barbarian

Bài 3. Based on the information in the text, complete the following sentences with no more than four words.

(Căn cứ vào các thông tin trong văn bản, hoàn thành các câu sau đây với không quá bốn từ.)

1. As Viet Nam is becoming part of the international community, it is important that its festivals not include any _______________.

2. There are two arguments in favour of the pig-slaughter festival: it maintains an age-old tradition and does not _______________

3. The event has been criticised by the authorities and ____________.

4. The government have expressed their negative opinion of customs that are based on _______________.

5. The writer thinks that people should only preserve rituals that are in line with current social beliefs and build up _______________.

Unit 5 Cultural identity


1. Backward/inappropriate rituals

2. Break the law

3. International animal rights groups

4. Superstition and barbarian practices

5. Their sense of belonging


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