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Unit 4 The mass media

A. Pronunciation

Bài 1. Read all the verbs, paying attention to the pronunciation of the ending -ed. Circle the letter of the odd one out.

(Đọc tất cả các động từ, chú ý đến cách phát âm của -ed. Khoanh tròn chữ cái của từ khác biệt)

Unit 4


1. B 2. D 3. A 4. D 5.C 6.C 7.A

Bài 2. Read aloud the following sentences, focusing on the correct pronunciation of the ending -ed. Write (T) for a /t/ sound, (ID) for an /id/ sound, and (D) for a /d/ sound in brackets.

(Đọc to các câu sau, tập trung vào cách phát âm đúng của -ed. Viết T cho âm /t/, ID cho âm /id/, và D cho âm /d/ ở trong ngoặc.)

1. The history of mass media can be traced ( ) back to the days when dramas were performed ( various ancient cultures.

2. Although we know that books had been printed ( ) earlier, the first dated printed book known created ( ) in China in 868 AD.

3. The printing press was invented ( ) around 1440 by a German man called Johannes Gutenberg.

4. The phrase‘the media’started ( ) to be used ( ) in the 1920s.

5. Until 1950s, when radio, television, and video were introduced ( ), the notion of ‘mass media’ generally restricted ( ) to print media.

6. The audio-visual facilities became very popular because they provided ( ) both information entertainment. The colour and sound engaged ( ) the viewers or listeners. It was easier for them passively watch TV or listen to the radio than to actively read.

7. The growth of mass media was driven by technology which allowed ( ) much duplication of mat during the 20th century.


1.T, D 2. ID, ID 3. ID 4.ID,D 5.T,ID 6. ID, D 7. D


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