Unit 4 – My neighbourhood (phần VII, VIII, IX) – Bài tập nâng cao tiếng anh 6 – Chương trình mới

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Unit 4 – My neighbourhood (phần VII, VIII, IX)

VII. Fill each blank with a word to finish the passage.

Living in the country is something that people from the city often


dream about. However, in reality, it has _______________(1) its advantages

and disadvantages.

There are certain ____________ (2) advantages to living in the country.

First of all, you can enjoy peace and quiet. Moreover, people tend to be

friendlier and___________ (3) open. A further advantage is that there is less

traffic, so it is safer __________ (4) young children.

On the other hand, there are certain drawbacks to life ___________ (5) the

city. Firstly, because there are fewer people, you are likely to ___________ (6)

fewer friends. In addition, entertainment is __________(7) to find, particularly

in the evening. Furthermore, the fact ___________ (8) there are fewer shops

and services means that it is harder to __________ (9) work. As a result, you

may have to travel a long way to ____________(10), which can be extremely


⇒ Xem đáp án phần VII tại đây.

VIII. Read the passage and choose the correct answer for each question.

If you are the type of person who loves to meet many different people from different cultures and social status, then the city life is better for you. The city is where people from all different background and status come to work and live because everything is so centralized in the city. The city’s population is also more concentrated, so you also have a higher chance of meeting people. In the country, the distance between other people is harder, so it is less convenient to meet other people. Hence, if you want a busy social life, the city is better.

If you have asthma or you are really sensitive to pollution, then the country lifestyle is best for you. In the country there is much less pollution because there are less cars, traffic and industrial plants in the country. There are also more trees, rivers and other natural scenery. If you want your kids to run around in open and safe environments, then the country is also much better.

1. You should live in the city if _______________ .

A. You have asthma

B. You have problems with breathing diseases

C. You want to meet people from social status

D. You want your children to run around in open environments

2. The country life is better for you if ________________ .

A. You love to meet people from different cultures

B. You want a busy social life

C. You would like to work for international companies

D. You are really sensitive to pollution

3. There is much less pollution in the country than in the city because

A. Everything is so centralized in the city

B. There are not as many cars in the country as in the city

C. The distance between other people is harder

D. There are much more trees in the city

4. The word “plants” in the passage means ________

A. Factories B. trees C. buildings D. restaurants

5. Which of the following statements is NOT true?

A. The population in the city is concentrated.

B. You have higher opportunities of meeting people in the city.

C. There is more traffic in the country than in the city.

D. The environment in the country is safer than in the city.

⇒ Xem đáp án phần VIII tại đây.

IX. Each sentence below contains an error. Underline it and write the correct answer in the space provided.


O. There are an art gallery in our neighbourhood. 0/ is _______ is _______

1. The seafood here is more delicious as the seafood in my hometown. 1/ _________

2. The air in the country is more clean than the air in the city. 2/__________

3. Can you telling me the way to the railway station? 3/ __________

4. Take the one left and the market is on your right. 4/ ___________

5. Ho Chi Minh City is crowdeder than Da Nang City. 5/ __________

⇒ Xem đáp án phần IX tại đây.

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