Unit 4 Learning a foreign language (Speak) Trang 34-35 Sách Giáo khoa Tiếng Anh 9

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Unit 4 : Learning a foreign language


I/Objectives: By the end of the lesson, students will be able to persuade friends to attend the scholl they like.


Scholarship (n) : [‘skɔlə∫ip] học bổng

Abroad ( adv) : [ə’brɔ:d] ở nước ngoài

Persuade (v) : [pə’sweid] thuyết phục

Dormitory (n) : [‘dɔ:mitri] ký túc xá , nhà tập thể

Campus (n) : [‘kæmpəs] khu trường học

Reputation (n) : [,repju:’tei∫n] danh tiếng

Native speaker (n)[‘neitiv,spi:kə]người bản xứ

– Grammar structure:

– Revision of Modal verbs: ( must, have to, should, ought to , may, might )

– Revision of Conditional sentences type 1

– Revision of Direct and Reported speech( reported speech and reported questions)

Work in groups. You are Thu, Tam and Kim.and you are awarded a scholarship of US$2,000 to attend an English language summer course abroad. Try to persuade vour partner to attend the school you would like to go to. The expressions in the box may help you. (Làm việc nhóm. Các bạn Thu, Tâm và Kim và các bạn được thưởng một học bổng trị giá 2.000 USD tham dự một khóa học tiếng Anh ở nước ngoài. Bạn hãy cố gắng thuyết phục các cùng học ở trường bạn muốn theo học. Các cách diễn đạt trong khung có thể giúp bạn.)

Gợi ý:

You: Congratulation! Thu. How wonderful you are!

Thu: Thanks.

You: I think you should take the scholarship to the Brighton Language Center. It’s the best way to learn English there.

Thu: I don’t understand.

You: If we go to study English in England, we can study the traditional standard English and we can learn the English culture, too.

Thu: I agree. What do you think about the language center in Brighton?

You: The center in that school has its excellent reputation.

Thu: I think so, too. Where do you think I should live?

You: I think you should live on the campus, because we can have many good chances to practice speaking English. Moreover, it’s much cheaper than you live in an apartment.

Thu: Good idea!

You: And how long will the course last?

Thu: Six weeks.

You: I think it’s long enough for you to improve your English.

Thu: But the tuition is very expensive! I think I should go to Brisbane Institute os English in Australia. The tuition there is much lower.

You: You may be right.

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