Unit 4 Learning a foreign language ( Listen) Trang 35 Sách Giáo Khoa Tiếng Anh 9

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Unit 4 : Learning a foreign language


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Host: Kate, can I introduce you to Nga. She’s studying English here in London.

Kate: Hello, pleased to meet you.

Nga: Pleased to meet you, too.

Kate: Where are you from, Nga ?

Nga: I’m from Vietnam.

Kate: Why are you studying English here?

Nga: I need it for my job.

Kate: Really ?So, what do you do ?

Nga: I work for a bank, an international bank in Hanoi.

Kate: Oh, I see. Did you learn English at school ?

Nga: Yes, and at university, too. But I’ve forget…er…forget…

Kate: Forgotten.

Nga: Yes, of course. I’ve forgotten a lot of it. I want to improve my writing skill. You know…sometime I have to write letters in English.

Kate: What about listening, Nga ?

Nga: It’s terrible. This is my biggest problem. People talk very quickly and I vand understand them.

Kate: Do you like studying English ?

Nga: Oh yes. It’ an interesting language and it’s very useful; and I can talk to people from all over the world… and I can understand the words of my favorite songs, too.

Kate: Well. That’s very good. Good luck to you, Nga.

Nga is talking to Kate about her studying English. Listen to their conversation. Check (v) the boxes and correct the false sentences. (Nga đang nói chuyện với Kate về việc học tiếng Anh của bạn ấy. Hãy nghe đoạn hội thoại của họ. Đánh dấu (V) vào các khung và sửa lỗi câu sai.)

Gợi ý:

a) – True

b) – True

c) – False

=> She works for an international bank in Ha Noi.

d) – True

e) – False

=> Her listening is terrible.

f) – True

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