Unit 3 Teen stress and pressure-Giải Bài tập nâng cao Tiếng Anh 9 Chương Trình Mới

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Unit 3 : Teen stress and pressure


1. D 2.C 3. A 4.D 5.B


1. bored

2. confused

3. tired

4. angry

5. delighted

6. worried

7. confident

8. embarrassed

9. disappointed

10. frustrated


1. childhood

2. relaxed

3. misunderstood

4. depression

5. exciting

6. independence

7. sympathise

8. musician

9. growth

10. sleepless


1. We don’t know where to put the sofa.

2. The rules didn’t specify who to speak to in case of an emergency.

3. Mai wondered how to ride the scooter.

4. Let us decide when to start the project.

5. Could you tell me where to find a good hotel?

6. We must find out what to do next.

7. A good dictionary tells you how to pronounce the words.

8. We are not sure who to meet at the entrance.

9.I can’t remember when to turn off the oven.

10. Do you know what to look for?


1. Mary asked me who I talked to when I had problems.

2. Hoa said that she would help her mum cook dinner that night.

3. Jack advised me to tell my teacher what had happened.

4. Nam said that his best friend hadn’t called him for one week.

5. Lucia’s mother asked her if / whether she was at the sports centre then.

6. Tom asked Mark what time he had come home the night before / the previous night.

7. Mrs. Brown told me not to go to the park when it got dark.

8. Mr. Quang said to Trung that they had spoken to his parents the day before / the previous day.

9.Minh asked Phuong if / whether he/she could meet him/her at 4.30 the next/ following afternoon.

10. Nga said that she was staying with her aunt and uncle in the suburbs.


1. more 6. form

2. have 7. can

3. about 8. ways

4. many 9. because

5. suffer 10. avoid


1. B 2. D 3. A 4. C


1. B (to talk)

2. D (the night before / the previous night)

3. A (depressed)

4. B (didn’t)

5. D (confusing)


1.They asked me what I thought about teenagers who dyed their hair.

2.We were quite surprised that he passed the exam.

3.Phong advised Khoa to tell her the truth.

4.We don’t know how to solve the problems.

5.Laura wondered whether / if she had met him before.

X. Samples


– You shouldn’t keep this to yourself.

– Why don’t you talk to them?

– You should call a helpline.

– You shouldn’t think like that; they only want the best things for you.


– If I were you, I would do some exercise in the evening.

– You should get medical advice.

– You shouldn’t drink coffee or tea in the evening.


– You shouldn’t be so worried about your appearance; it’s the inside that matters.

– You shouldn’t think like that; I think you are lovely.

– You should always remember that “There are no ugly women, only lazy ones.”



How Ambitious Are You?

1. a) 15 b) 10 c) 5

2. a) 15 b) 5 c) 10

3. a) 15 b) 5 c) 10

4. a) 15 b) 5 c) 10

5. a) 5 b) 10 c) 15

6. a) 5 b) 10 c) 15

7. a) 5 b) 15 c) 10

105 – 80: You’re very ambitious and achievements are very important to you. If your ambitions are more important than your friends, beware, because this is a negative trait.

50 – 75: Your ambition seems normal. You enjoy competition, but in a healthy way.

45 – 70: personal achievement is unimportant to you. If you think poorly of yourself, others will too.


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