Unit 14 Wonders Of The World (Speak – Listen) Trang 132-133 Sách Giáo Khoa Tiếng Anh 8

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Unit 14 : Wonders Of The World

Speak – Listen

I.Objectives: By the end of the lesson, students will be able:

1.Knowledge: talk about the changes in their hometown, listen and fill in the gaps the missing words in the dialogue.

2.Skills: develop develop speaking and listening skills.

3.Attitude: have positive attitude in learning English.

II.Language contents:


Twin Towers: tháp đôi.

– Great Barrier Reef: rạn san hô lớn nhất thế giới.

– Great Wall of China: vạn lí trường thành.



Bài 1. Think of 10 famous places. You may use the names of places listed in the box or you can use your own ideas. Write a Yes/No question about each place. Ask and answer the questions with a partner.

(Hãy nghĩ đến 10 địa danh nổi tiếng. Em có thể dùng tên những địa danh liệt kê trong khung hoặc theo ý kiến của em. Viết một câu hỏi Có/Không về mỗi địa danh. Hỏi và trả lời với bạn bên cạnh.)

Gợi ý:

Bài 2. Talk about your classmates’ answers with your partner.(Thuật lại câu trả lời của bạn em với bạn bên cạnh.)

– I asked Hoa if Phong Nha Cave was in southern Viet Nam. She said that it wasn’t.

– I asked Hung whether PETRONAS Twin Towers in Malaysia was the highest building in the world. He said that it was.

– I asked Lan if the Great Barrier Reef was a World Heritage Site. She said that it was.

– I asked Ngoc whether the Empire State Building was in Australia. She said that it wasn’t.

– I asked Tuan if Ha Long Bay was a World Heritage Site. He said that it was.


Click tại đây để nghe:

There are four mistakes in this advertisement. Listen to the tape. Correct the mistakes and copy the paragraph into your exercise book.(Có 4 lỗi trong bài quảng cáo này. Em hãy nghe băng và sửa lại những lỗi đó cho đúng rồi chép vào vở bài tập.)

Gợi ý sửa lỗi:

Do you want a quiet, relaxing vacation?

Look no further than beautiful far north Queensland. Stay right on the beach at the Coconut Palm Hotel. Take guided tours through the rainforest, swim in the crystal-clear water of the Coral Sea and snorkel amongst the coral of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Would Heritage Site.

Call (077) 6924 3927 for more information.

Nội dung bài nghe:

Mr. Robinson: I think this place sounds all right.

Mrs. Robinson: You mean the one in far north Queensland?

Mr. Robinson: Yes, it sounds perfect. The Coconut Palm Hotel is right on the beach according to the advertisement. Imagine getting up in the morning and looking at the Pacific Ocean.

Mrs. Robinson: It must be near a rainforest because the hotel offers guided tours. I hope there won’t be a lot of mosquitoes.

Mr. Robinson: I don’t think there will be because it’ll be dry when we go.

Mrs. Robinson: The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park is a World Heritage Site, isn’t it?

Mr. Robinson: That’s right.

Mrs. Robinson: OK. Let’s find out how much it costs. What’s the phone number?

Mr. Robinson: 077-6924-3927.

Mrs. Robinson: 6924 3927.

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