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Unit 10 Lifelong Learning

D. Speaking

Bài 1. Work with a partner. Discuss whether you think each of the following activities is helpful for lifelong learners or not.

(Làm việc với một người bạn. Thảo luận liệu bạn có nghĩ rằng Mỗi một hoạt động sau đây là hữu ích cho người học suốt đời hay không.)


1. Attending online courses

2. Using e-learning apps developed by a university

3. Meeting colleagues once or twice a month to discuss work experiences and social activities

4. Attending some kind of arts and crafts classes

5. Joining a reading club

Possible reasons:

– saving time – acquiring new skills
– saving money – keeping physically and mentally healthy
– flexibility of learning (time and location) – meeting different people and professionals
– opportunities to try new things – making new friends


I think online courses ore the best choice for people who are busy with jobs or families because they are flexible. That means people can use their free time effectively, and study when it is convenient. For instance, housewives can take online lessons after their kids have gone to bed.

Bài 2. Work in groups of four. Choose some of the ideas discussed in or brainstorm your own ideas. Then prepare a presentation about how retired people can continue learning.

(Làm việc trong nhóm bốn người. Chọn một trong những ý tưởng được thảo luận trong bài 1 hay suy nghĩ về những ý tưởng của riêng bạn. Sau đó chuẩn bị một bài thuyết trình về cách mọi người đã về hưu có thể tiếp tục học tập.)

Unit 10 Lifelong Learning

Useful expressions:

– My presentation is divided into… main sections.

– Firstly … Secondly … Thirdly … Finally …

– I’m going to take a look at/talk about…

– I’d now like to move on to …

– Now I’d like to look at…

– That brings me to the end of my presentation. I’ve talked about…

– To summarise, I…

– Thank you for your time …


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