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Unit 10 Lifelong Learning

A. Pronunciation

Bài 1. Mark the rising (↑) or falling (↓) intonation on the questions. Then practise reading the questions aloud.

(Đánh dấu vào tăng (↑) hoặc giảm (↓) ngữ điệu trên các câu hỏi. Sau đó, thực hành đọc to câu hỏi.)

1. Are you reading the brochure sent by the Lifelong Learning Institute?

2. What do you think is the most important factor in learning throughout life?

3. How can a full-time.secretary pursue lifelong learning?

4. Are there any online courses at the university where you are studying?

5. Where should we apply for a course in time management skills?


Unit 10 Lifelong Learning

Bài 2 Mark the rising (↑) or falling (↓) intonation on the questions in the short conversations. Then practise reading the conversations aloud.

( Đánh dấu tăng (↑) hoặc giảm (↓) ngữ điệu trên các câu hỏi trong các cuộc trò chuyện ngắn. Sau đó, thực hành đọc to các cuộc trò chuyện.)

1. A: Is lifelong learning limited to employees only?

B: Not really. I think any person who has a strong desire for improving their knowledge can continue learning throughout their daily life.

2. A: What are the basic requirements for pursuing knowledge throughout life?

B: I think they are self-motivation and good planning.

3. A: In what way is lifelong learning better now than in the past?

B: I think information technology has facilitated learning a lot.

4. A: Excuse me, are there any online courses starting in November?

B: We have two courses starting on the 15t and 15th of November.

5. A: Should lifelong learners focus only on knowledge and experience necessary for work?

B: It depends on each person’s learning plan.


Unit 10 Lifelong Learning


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