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Unit 1 The generation gap

B. Vocabulary & Grammar

Bài 1. Make words related to the generation gap using the letters.

(Tạo các từ có liên quan đến khoảng cách thế hệ sử dụng các chữ cái.)

1. Accdehlir ____________
2. Rnlueca aimlyf ____________ __________
3. Ebalt amensnr ____________ __________
4. Detenedx fylmia ____________ __________
5. Tcnlifoc ____________


1. Childcare 2. nuclear family 3. table manners

4. Extended family 5. conflict

Bài 2. Complete the statements about the generation gap and the family rules with the words in 1. Make changes to the word form, if necessary.

(Hoàn thành các câu về khoảng cách thế hệ và các quy tắc gia đình với các từ trong 1. Thay đổi thể thức từ, nếu cần.)


When people live in a multi-generational family, there is often a generation gap.

1. One disadvantage of living in a/an__________________ is that grandparents may see things from different viewpoints.

2. Children living with both parents in a stable___________________ tend to be more confident andindependent.

3. Some parents care a lot about the appropriate behaviour when having a meal with other people. That is why they want to teach their children good__________________ from a very early age.

4. _______________ in multi-generational families are inevitable.

5. The biggest advantage of living in an extended family is that parents don’t have to worry much about _______________and housework.


1. An extended family 2. nuclear family 3.table manners

4. Conflicts 5. childcare

Bài 3. Complete a mother’s advice to her 16-year-old daughter, using should/shouldn’t and ought/oughtn’t.

(Hoàn thành lời khuyên của một người mẹ cho con gái 16 tuổi, sử dụng should/shouldn’t và ought/oughtn’t.)

1. Your grandparents live far from us, so you________________ talk to them on the phone regularly.

2. You are going to a concert, so you________________ to wear your old jeans.

3. You_______________ stare at the computer screen for too long. It is really bad for your eyesight.

4. You________________ to talk to your grandparents more often so that you can understand them better.

5. You_____________ become more responsible by sharing the housework with other people in our family.


1. Should

2. Oughtn’t

3. Shouldn’t

4. Ought

5. Should

Bài 4. Complete the sentences, using must/mustn’t, have to/has to or don’t have to /doesn’t have to.

(Hoàn thành các câu,sử dụng must/mustn’t, have to/has to hoặc don’t have to /doesn’t have to.)

1. I can watch TV and play computer games on Sunday because I________________ go to school that day.

2. I______________ stay overnight at my friends’ house. My parents are very strict about this.

3. I______________ go home now to finish my homework.

4. My grandparents live in the suburbs, so whenever we visit them, we______________ take a bus.

5. She______________ stay at home to look after her children because there is no one to help her.


1. Don’t have to

2. Mustn’t

3. Must/have to

4. Have to

5. Has to


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