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Unit 1 Family life

D. Speaking

Bài 1.Complete the following interview with the questions to the given answers.

(Hoàn thành cuộc phỏng vấn sau với các câu hỏi cho các câu trả lời đã cho.)

1. A: _____________?

B: Yes, I do. Everybody in my family shares the housework.

2. A:_____________?

B: Well, I do the washing-up and sweep the floor.

3. A:_____________?

B: My mother does. She’s a very good cook. I like all the food she cooks.

4. A:_____________?

B: Oh, yes, he does . My father also contributes to household duties.

5. A:_____________?

B: No. We never complain about doing household chores . We understand that it is the duty of all ….. members to make a happy home.


1. Do you often do housework?

2. What household chores do you do?

3. Who does the cooking / Who cooks in your family?

4. Does your father do some housework, too?

5. Do you complain about doing housework?

Bài 2 Make a conversation between two students using the cues given.

(Thực hiện một cuộc nói chuyện giữa hai học sinh sử dụng các tín hiệu đã cho.)

Unit 1 Family life

Bài 3 Complete the questions about the underlined parts of the text below.

(Hoàn thành các câu hỏi về các phần được gạch chân của văn bản dưới đây.)

(1)In Viet Nam, the family meal is very important. It is one part of a happy family, especially when people become busier with their work. Dinner is when family members share a meal and (2) talk together after a hard day. Therefore, dinner is not simply understood as a meal (3) because it is also an opportunity for feeling and sympathy, sharing and care. In many Vietnamese families, (4) the wife knows what other family members’ favourite dishes are. Then, she tries to make those dishes (5) as frequently as she can, or at least on special occasions.

1. Is the family meal ___________?

2. What ___________?

3. Why ___________?

4. Who ___________?

5. How often ___________?


1. Is the family meal very important in Viet Nam?

2. What do family members do at dinner besides sharing a meal?

3. Why is dinner more than a meal?

4. Who knows what other family members’favourite dishes are?

5. How often does the wife make her family’s favourite dishes?


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