Giải bài tập Tiếng anh lớp 3: Self-check three.

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Từ vựng: HS tự ôn lại các từ vựng đã học.

family house room one six

father living room table two seven

mother bedroom chair three eight

brother bathroom bed four nine sister kitchen

who his old they on

how her large it in

Ngữ pháp: HS tự ôn lại các cấu trúc đã học.

We ask We answer We write
Who’s that? That’s my brother Who’s = Who is
What’s his / her name His / Her name’s Nam
How old are you? I’m nine (years old).
How old is he / she? He / She’s ten (years old). He’s = He is

She’s = She is
We say We write
There’s a table in the room. There’s = There is
There’re two bedrooms in the house. There’re = There are
They’re big. They’re = They are

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