Giải bài tập Tiếng anh lớp 3: Self – check four

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Từ vựng: HS tự ôn lại phần từ vựng đã học.

weather cloudy sunny windy

dog cat bird fish

toys ball doll ship robot

how many where over there in there are

Ngữ pháp : HS tự ôn lại tất cả những cấu trúc

We say
I There are eight clouds in the sky.
I have no cats / a dog / two dogs.
He / She has a doll / two dolls.
They / We / You have a doll / two dolls
We ask We answer
How’s the weather today? It’s cloudy / sunny / windy / rainy.
How many clouds are there? There are seven.
Do you have cats? Yes, I have a cat / No, I have no cats.
What about you? I have a dog.
How many dogs do you have? I have one dog / two dogs.
Where are the balls? They’re over there / in the room.

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