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Unit 6 : Endangered species?

Getting Started


1.Language focus

– To help Ss to know the overall topic of Unit 6: “Endangered species”, some vocabulary related to Endangered species.

– To check students’ comprehension thorough questions and answers

– To help learners get started with some language items in Unit 6


– To help learners get started with 4 skills in Unit 6.

– Reading: Reading for general ideas and specific information and identifying different opinions about protecting endangered species.

– Speaking: Talking about how to protect endangered species.

– Listening: Listening for specific information in a talk about why animals are in danger of extinction.

– Writing: Writing a report about endangered species.


– To help Ss get started for Unit 6 with the topic ” Endangered species”

– To provide Ss some motivation

Bài 1 Mr Willis is talking to his two children about a new wildlife park. Listen and read. (Ông Willis đang nói chuyện với hai đứa con của mình về một công viên động vật hoang dã mới. Nghe và đọc.)

Click tại đây để nghe:

Mr Willis: Lisa, Simon, I’ve just heard some good news.

Simon: What’s it about, Dad?

Mr Willis: It was announced on TV that a new wildlife park will open to the public next week. Would you like to visit it?

Lisa: Sure. Will there be any dinosaurs there, Dad?

Simon: They’re extinct species, Lisa. The last dinosaurs died out millions of years ago.

Mr Willis: That’s right. You can’t find extinct animals there.

Lisa: So what can we see in the wildlife park then?

Mr Willis: Animals in danger of extinction, like tigers and rhinoceros.

Simon: Will there be any endangered trees and plants? I have a biology assignment about endangered plant species.

Mr Willis: I’m afraid not. But a friend of mine, Tracy, might be able to help you.

Simon: Tracy? Yes, I remember her. She’s a biologist. Where’s she working?

Mr Willis: At the Botanical Gardens. You can find lots of interesting facts there.

Simon: Sounds good. Thanks, Dad. So let’s visit the wildlife park next Saturday morning, and then go to the Botanical Gardens in the afternoon on the way back home. Hopefully, I’ll have gathered enough information by Sunday, so I can start working on my assignment next week.

Lisa: It’ll be so tiring! We’ll have walked for hours by the time we get to the Botanical Gardens.

Mr Willis: Don’t worry. We’ll drive through the park.

Lisa: Oh really? That’ll be fun. Are we allowed to have a picnic or build a campfire there, Dad?

Mr Willis: No, I’m afraid not. That may scare the animals and pollute the air. The more noise and smoke you make, the less safe the environment becomes for the animals.

Lisa: I see … Can I ask some friends to join us?

Mr Willis: Sure. The more the merrier.

Bài 2 Decide whether the following statements are true (T), false (F), or not given (NG). Tick the correct box. (Quyết định xem các nhận định sau đây là đúng (T), sai (F), hoặc không xác định (NG). Đánh dấu vào ô thích hợp.)








Bài 3 Find a word in the conversation that goes with each of the following phrases or expressions. (Tìm một từ trong cuộc trò chuyện mà đi với mỗi cụm từ hoặc các biểu thức sau đây.)





Bài 4 Read the conversation again and write the correct form of the verbs in brackets. (Đọc cuộc trò chuyện một lần nữa và viết đúng mẫu của động từ trong ngoặc đơn.)


1.(I)’ll/will have gathered

2. (We)’ll/will have walked

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