Đề thi vào lớp 10 môn Tiếng Anh – Đề số 35 (Đề nâng cao)

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Đề thi vào lớp 10 tiếng anh

(1-5). Choose the word whose underlined part pronounced differently from that the others.
1. a. blood b. flood c. typhoon d. trouble
2. a. village b. message c. machine d. climate
3. a. studious b. adult c. culture d. public
4. a. though b. think c. through d. month
5. a. official b. delicious c. ocean d. conceal

(6-10). Choose the word whose main stress pattern is not the same as that of the others.

6. a. effectively b. comfortable c. convenient d. efficiency
7. a. arrangement b. distinguish c. situation d. available
8. a. throughout b. volcanic c. unpleasant d. reasonable
9. a. subtract b. religious c. purity d. remote
10. a. appropriate b. struggle c. optimism d. demonstrate


(11-40). Choose the word or phrase (a, b, c or d) that best fits the blank space in each sentence.

11. You remind me _______ somebody I knew a long time ago. You look just like her.

a. to b. for c. of d. in

12. What’s funny? What are you laughing _________ ?

a. off b. for c. on d. about

13. If you’ve done _______ your dictionary, could I borrow it for a minute?

a. of b. in c. to d. with

14. I keep ______ making the same mistake. It’s very frustrating,

a. up b. on c. in d. off

15. Some students were suspected_______ cheating in the exam.

a. on b. of c. in d. for

16. Around 15% of our diet is composed_______

a. in b. on c. of d. with

17. It was several hours before firefighters could get the blaze_________

a. out of b. on c. in d. under

18. Everybody blamed me________ the accident.

a. in b. on c. to d. for

19. It is good to be pleased_______ ourselves and proud______ ourselves when we

have done a good job.

a. with/ on b. to/ of c. with/ of d. of/ with

20. They didn’t prepare the speech contest like that, but it________ very well.

a. kept out b. gave out c. left out d. worked out

21. How does she______ on such a small salary?

a. get along b. get by c. get in d. get over

22. I really enjoy being with my dad. He’s got a very good_________ of humour.

a. way b. feeling c. sense d. mood

23. You must lend me money for the trip. _______ , I won’t be able to go.

a. Consequently b. Nevertheless c. Otherwise d. Although

24. We’re free all next week, you’ll be welcome________ day you come.

a. whenever b. whatever c. whichever d. however

25. I’m sorry_______ you that we have changed the plan.

a. not to tell b. for not to tell c. not telling d. for not telling

26. I________ in Florida for three years when I was young.

a. lived b. used to live c. have lived d. would live

27. Many scientists are sure there is______ on other planets.

a. people b. life c. existence d. creature

28. The house is supposed________

a. to paint b. painting c. to be painted d. being painted

29. Let’s try to agree on a time________ we can all get together.

a. which b. where c. Ø d. at

30. She returned to the shop to buy the shirt but found that they__________

a. had sold b. have sold c. sold d. would have sold

31.________ turn color and fall to the ground is a sign of winter.

a. That leaves b. Leaves c. When leaves d. If leaves

32. It’s worth______ to your financial adviser before making your final decision.

a. talk b. talking c. to talk d. talked

33. I like Betty and Maud, but I think Maud is the ___________ of the two.

a. nice b. nicer c. more nice d. most nice

34. In 1998, Tara Lipinski ________ win the gold medal in figure skating at the Winter Olympics.

a. can b. could c. will be able to d. was able to

35. In 1998, Tara Lipinski ______ win the gold medal infiure skating at the Winter Olympics.

a. plays b. play c. has played d. have played

36. You can’t imagine______ when they received these nice Christmas presents.

a. how they were excited b. how excited they were
c. how excited were they d. how were they excited

37. _______ is a person who takes an active part in the protection of the environment.

a. Protector b. Poacher c. Manufacturer d. Conservationist

38. I’m affraid I have no________ in his promises.

a. faith b. agreement c. acceptance d. refusal

39. ______ your father was in hospital, we would have gone to see him.

a. Had we known

b. If we have known

c. If we knew

d. We had known

40. He’s written a book_______ I’ve forgotten the name.

a. which b. whose c. that d. of which

(41-50). Choose the underlined word or phrase (A, B, C or D) that needs correcting.

41. Passing (A) the driver’s (B) test is a necessity (C) requirement for all people wishing (D) to drive a motor vehicle.

42. Modern (A) machines are now replaced (B) human labor in (C) various fields (D).

43. Because (A) it was unsafe an too (B) dexpensive to repair, the 70-vear-old (C) building had to be demolishing (D).

44. My new computer came with (A) a six-months(B) warranty on (C) all electrical (D) components.

45. Hardly (A) she had (B) arrived when (C) she started talking (D) about leaving again.

46. It was such (A) worried (B) news that they all sat (C) there saving (D) nothing.

47. Millions (A) of dollars are (B) spent on (C) advertising (D) campaigns every year.

48. Water pipes made (A) from (B) plastic are durable (C) and relative (D) inexpensive to produce.

49. So (A) far this young director made (B) four films dealing with (C) school age (D).

50. Although (A) both of them are (B) trying to get (C) the scholarship, she has the highest (D) grades.

(51-60). Use the correct form of the word given in each sentence.

51. The Internet is still_______ in the countryside, so it’s not easy to get access to it. (available)

52. Radio, telegraph, television and other inventions brought _________ for newspaper, (compete)

53. Success should not be measured solely by educational _______ . (achieve)

54. There was a collision but my car was__________ . (damage)

55. Consumers are becoming more__________ of advertising claims about products that they buy. (suspect)

56. The government has a policy of letting the_________ ill be cared for in the community, (mind)

57. He grew up in an___________ because his parents were both dead, (orphan)

58. A spaceman must learn to become accustomed to__________ in a space, (weight)

59. Tigers are nearly___________ in the wild, (extinction)

60. Many viewers find the amount of violence on TV_______________ . (accept)


(61-75). Choose the word or phrase (a, b, c or d) that best fits the blank space in the following passage.

There is no (61)________ that in recent years the number of private vehicles on the road has increased significantly. This has (62)__________ to numerous problems such as a (63)_______ in air polution, a higher accident rate and, of course, far more traffic (64)_______ . Some argue that if public transport played a greater role, then some of these problems might be (65)________ . However the current situation is unlikely to change dramatically in the near future (66)___________ certain actions are taken. There are two important changes that the government would need to make it in (67)________ for people to use public transport more. Firstly, prices would have to be reduced – (68)________ by train, in particular, is not cheap in this country. Secondly, the quality and frequency of public transport services would need to be (69)________ . Many types of public transport are uncomfortable, unreliable or simply (70)_____ . In addition, more dramatic changes, such as higher car taxes or congestion (71)_______ , might put some individuals (72)________ driving, particularly if there was a (73)_______ public transport service.(74) _______, it is important that the government aims to increase the role of public transport in order to (75)________ individuals to use it more. As a result, traffic-related problems might be reduced.

61. a. certain b. problem c. doubt d. comfort
62. a. taken b. led c. got d. showed
63. a. rise b. risen c. rising d. arise
64. a. regulation b. offence c. congestion d. flow
65. a. fallen b. dropped c. reduced d. declined
66. a. if b. when c. in case d. unless
67. a. charge b. order c. advance d. certain
68. a. travel b. to travel c. traveled d. be traveled
69. a. progressed b. increased c. improved d. produced
70. a. frequent b. frequency c. infrequency d. infrequent
71. a. charging b. increasing c. leading d. causing
72. a.’on b. in c. of d. off
73. a. more b. most c. better d. best
74. a. In contrast b. To sum up c. In addition d. In terms
75. a. encourage b. force c. discourage d. recommend

(76-80). Read the passage below carefully and choose the correct answer a, b, c or d.

Scientists believe that something very serious is happening to the Earth. It is becoming warmer. Scientists predict that there will be major changes in the climate during the 21st century. Coastal water will have higher temperatures. This will have a serious affect on agriculture. Farmer will have trouble producing good crops. In warm regions the weather will be too dry. The amount of water could decrease by 50 percent. This would cause a large decrease in agricultural production.

World temperature could increase from 1.5 to 5.6 degrees Celsius by the middle of the 21st century. And the increase in, temperature could be even greater in the Arctic and Antarctic regions. A rise in temperature could cause the great ice sheets to melt, which, in turn would raise the level of the oceans by one to two meters. Many coastal cities would be underwater. Why is all this happening?

The Earth and its atmosphere are kept warm by the Sun. The atmosphere lets most of the light from the Sun pass through to warm the Earth. The Earth is warmed by the sunlight and sends heat energy back into the atmosphere. Much of this energy escapes from the Earth’s atmosphere. However, some of it remains. Gases such as carbon dioxide, ozone and water vapor absorb this energy and create more heat. Then this heat is sent back down to Earth, and the Earth becomes warmer.

76. Which of the following will be one of the results of warmer earth?

a. Crops will be destroyed completely.

b. The amount of water will decrease by half.

c. Farmers will find it hard to deal with the heat.

d. There will be no winter on earth.

77. A rise in temperature will be more remarkable__________ .

a. in the Arctic and Antarctic regions

b. in the coastal cities

c. in agricultural areas

d. under the great ice sheets

78. The melting of the polar ice sheets will probably lead to ________ .

a. a rise in global temperatures

b. the extinction of many polar animals

c. the flooding of many coastal cities

d. a severe winter all over the world

79. The Earth wouldn’t become warmer if_____________ .

a. the heat energy didn’t escape from the Earth’s atmosphere

b. unshine didn’t pass through the atmosphere.

c. the Earth didn’t send heat energy back into the atmosphere «

d. carbon dioxide, ozone and water vapor didn’t keep the heat energy

80. Which of the following is NOT mentioned in the passage?

a. The decrease in agricultural production

b. The problem of rising sea levels

c. The reason why the Earth becomes warmer

d. The amount of ozone in our atmosphere

(81-90). Fill in each blank with ONE appropriate word to make a meaning passage.

Our century has seen great changes in the life and (81)_______ conditions of people. Less than a hundred years ago, many of the things we do now seemed (82) ______ No one could imagine that people (83).________ fly, or that we could (84)_______ to music thousands of miles away. Today, radio and television serve many purposes besides pleasure. They help us find fish in the sea and land airplanes in bad (85)__________ or at night. They control the work of large numbers (86)______ machines in industry. Never before in history have (87) ________ been such rapid changes in our way of life as at the present moment. Scientists have been using what is called ‘a scientific method’ to make new discoveries. (88)___________ the most important scientific discoveries are new medicines. Many illnesses that people died from 50 years ago are no (89)__________ dangerous. The study of science helps us widen our outlook and opens a whole new world for us. The progress of science is leading to a better and better (90)______ for man.


(91-97). Choose the best sentence (a, b, c or d) made from the given cues.

Dear Mr. Morgan,

91. 1/ interest/ read/ your article/ global warming/ the newspaper//

a. I was very interested to read your article about global warming in the newspaper.

b. I was very interesting to read your article about global warming in the newspaper.

c. I was .interested in reading your article of global warming in the newspaper.

d. I was very interesting in reading your article of global warming in the newspaper.

92. 1/ afraid/ I not agree/ you/ number/ points//

a. I am afraid I don’t agree to you about a number of points.

b. I am afraid I can’t agree to you on number of points.

c. I am afraid I don’t agree with you on a number of points.

d. I am afraid I can’t agree with you about the number of points.

93. First/ you say/ some scientists/ not believe/ theory/

a. First, you say that some scientists not believe in the theory.

b. Firstly you say that some scientists do not believe the theory.

c. At first you say that some scientists do not believe the theory.

d. Firstly you said that some scientists did not believe in theory.

94. Who/ these scientists? 1/ never hear/ them//

a. Who are these scientists? I never heard of them.

b. Who are these scientists? I have never heard of them.

c. Who are these scientists? I have never been heard about them.

d. Who are these scientists? I was never heard about them.

95. Second/ it/ not/ true/ global warming/ receive/ much/ publicity//

a. Second, it is not the truth that global’s warming has received so much publicity.

b. Secondly, it is not true that global warming is received too much publicity.

c. Second, it is not true that global’s warming is receiving much enough publicity.

d. Secondly, it is not true that global warming receives too much publicity.

96. On/ contrary/ we/ need/ make/ public/ aware/ such/ danger

a. On the contrary we need to make the public more aware of such danger.

b. On the contrary we need making the public more aware of such a danger.

c. On the contrary we need make the public more aware of a such danger.

d. On the contrary we need make the public more aware in such danger.

97. We/ must/ put/ pressure/ authorities/ if/ we/ want/ do/ something//

a. We must all put pressure on the authorities if we want to do something.

b. We must all put pressure for the authorities if we want something done.

c. We must all put pressure on the authorities if we want something to be done.

d. We must all put pressure for the authorities if we want something to be done.

Yours sincere,


(98-105). Rewrite the sentences so that they are nearest in meaning to the sentence printed before them.

98. Mackenzie wrote four best-sellers before he was twenty.

By the age of twenty, ______________________________________

99. If you do not pay you will be prosecuted.

Failure _______________________________________________

100. He commited a second clear foul and was sent off.


101. Although I did various things, no one paid any attention.

No matter _____________________________________________

102. Thanks to your help, I finished it in time.

But for________________________________________________

103. I can’t describe people as well as you can.


104. Nobody must expect to be rich without hard work.

Unless ________________________________________________

105. A new film has not often before produced such positive reviews.

Rarely _____________________________________________________

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