Đề thi vào lớp 10 môn Tiếng Anh – Đề số 34 (Đề nâng cao)

Đề luyện thi vào lớp 10 tiếng anh PHONETICS (1-5). Choose the word whose underlined part pronounced differently from that of the others.1.a. waterb. awfulc. qualityd. quarter2.a. featureb. mealc. meadowd. peace3a. swordb. switchc. listend. muscle4.a. advancedb. accomplishedc. watchedd. averaged5.a. cheapb. headachec. stomachd. architecture(6-10). Choose the word whose main stress pattern is not the same as that of the other6.a. serviceb. diseasec. trafficd. patient7.a. accessb....

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Đề luyện thi vào lớp 10 tiếng anh


(1-5). Choose the word whose underlined part pronounced differently from that of the others.

1. a. water b. awful c. quality d. quarter
2. a. feature b. meal c. meadow d. peace
3 a. sword b. switch c. listen d. muscle
4. a. advanced b. accomplished c. watched d. averaged
5. a. cheap b. headache c. stomach d. architecture
(6-10). Choose the word whose main stress pattern is not the same as that of the other
6. a. service b. disease c. traffic d. patient
7. a. access b. satisfy c. future d. expect
8. a. comfortable b. industrial c. passenger d. interested
9. a. medicine b. despite c. conclusion d. attention
10. a. precious b. succeed c. installment d. facility


(11-40). Choose the word or phrase (a, b, c or d) that best fits the blank space in each sentence.

11. The rain stopped and the sun came _______ .

a. down b. up c. in d. out

12. She was able to carry________ all the tasks assigned to her.

a. on b. out c. down d. over

13. I wanted to go alone, but some friends of mine insisted_____ coming with me.

a. in b. on c. of d. to

14. If you don’t know what the word means, look it_________ in a dictionary.

a. up b.through c. out d. over

15. That book is based______ the life of the inventor Alexander G. Bell.

a. in b. on c. from d. for

16. It was important to me to be financially independent_________ my

a. on b. to c. of d. with

17. It took the fire brigade to hours to_______the fire.

a. cut down b. get on c. set off d. put out

18. Fiona decided not to________the exam in December.

a. make for b. get round c.take on d.go in for

19. When I got my case back, it had been damaged___________

a. beyond b.out of c.above d.over

20. I can’t understand why you________ the chance of working abroad for a year. It would have been a great experience for you.

a.put down b.turn down c. let’down d.shut down

21. We’d better not waste water_____ we don’t have enough to drink sooner and later.

a.only if b.or else c.as soon as d. in case

22. ______ you ask, the answer is always the same.

a.Whatever b.Whenever c.Wherever d.Whoever

23. _______ the rising cost of fuel, more people are using public transport.

a.In spite of b.Owing to c.Instead of d.As for

24. The lower interest rates fall,_______ for larger items such as cars and homes.

a. more consumers shop b. the more consumers shop
c. there are more consumers shopping d. consumers shop more

25. The report will be of interest to teachers and________ in the education field.

a. other b. others c. the other d. the others

26. At your age, you should have regular__________ .

a. check-ins b. check-ups c. checkouts d. checkers

27. Coming to England will be a good_______for you to improve your English.

a. possibility b. occasion c. opportunity d. experience

28.______ of great apes, the gibbon is the smallest.

a. Four of the types b. The four of types
c. Four types d. Of the four types

29. Portable computers are good for _____ information while traveling,

a. accessing b. extracting c. leaking d. containing

30. Neither the boy’s teacher nor his parents___________ with his progress.

a. is satisfied b. are satisfied c. has satisfied d. have satisfie

31. So funny______ that everybody burst out laughing.

a. she looked b. she did look c. did she look d. look she

32. During the last hours we _______ reports of an explosion in the city center.

a. received b. were received c. were receiving d. have been receiving

33. Had he learned the lesson well, he_________ more confident now.

a. will feel b. would feel c. will have felt d. would have felt

34. I was six when I discovered there was no_______ Santa Claus.

a. such person as b. person like c. such a person like d. person as

35. _______ at the table when the phone rang.

a. Hardly we had sat down b. Hardly had we sat down
c. No sooner we had sat down d. No sooner had we sat down

36. Your friendly attitude makes ________ for you to socialize.

a. easier b. easier it c. it easier d. more easily

37. They are going to knock down the building for the street___________ .

a. to widen b. widening c. to be widened d. being widened

38. This is the first time you have been to Ho Chi Minh City,____________ ?

a. isn’t this b. haven’t you c. isn’t it d. hasn’t it

39. The news on the radio and TV stations_________ that a serious storm is approaching our city.

a. confirms b. confirm c. has confirmed d. have confirmed

40. ‘___________ ’ ‘Thanks, I will.’

a. Have a nice day.

b. Give your parents my regards.

c. Congratulation you on passing the final exam.

d. With best wishes.

(41-50). Choose the underlined word or phrase (A, B, C or D) that needs correcting.

41. Japanese people travel (A) more from (B) train than do (C) travelers in any (D) other country.

42. Surprisingly, my younger (A) sister dresses more (B) conservative (C) than I do (D)

43. The boys cheered (A) when they saw (B) their kites rose (C) up to (D) the sky.

44. Dreams are commonly (A) made up of (B) either (C) visual and (D) verbal images.

45. There is a motel (A) at the (B) corner of this street (C) where the travelers can stay there (D).

46. Not only could the younger people completed (A) all the work quickly (B) and accurately, but the retired workers could (C) also(D).

47. Have (A) you seen a (B) book on (C) wildlife I bought (D) last week?

48. The computer is said (A) to be (B) one of the wonder (C) of human beings (D) in modern life.

49. We have (A) not rarely (B) met him since (C) we left (D) the

50. The sick (A) needs (B) to be looked (C) after, so money must be spent (D) on hospitals.

(51-60). Use the correct form of the word given in each sentence.

51. Vietnam declared its _____________ on September 2nd, 1945. (depend)

52. She felt alone and_____________ . (friend)

53. His kind words brought some__________ to the grieving parents, (comfortable)

54. He was___________ in the final test. What a pity for him! (success)

55. ______ there are no such so-called ghosts, (science)

56. Crime is almost__________ in this village. It’s very peaceful and quiet, (exist)

57. She should practice speaking English regularly in order to _________ her speaking skill, (good)

58. By the end of the walk, she was____________ with exertion, (breathe)

59. I think grey hair makes you look very_____________ . (distinguish)

60. Is there always an absolute____________ between right and wrong? (distinct)


(61-75). Choose the word or phrase (a, b, c or d) that best fits the blank space in the following passage.


Do you think computer games are just for kids? Then you should think again. You might be (61)______ to learn that the game industry now (62)__________ more money than Hollywood. (63)________ a family buys a new PC, all they really want to do is to play games. It is hardly surprising that video gaming has (64)____________ one of the most popular (65)____ of entertainment today. A good game is like a good film; it will hold your (66)_____ , capture your imagination and play with your emotions. The big (67)_____ , however, is that watching a movie is a passive (68)_________ . You have no say in how the plot (69)________ or which characters dominate the story. With computer games, you direct the (70)_________ and that is what makes them so exciting. Finding the right game is (71)_________ to signal the beginning of a lasting love (72) with the interactive (73)______________ of make-believe. It is (74)_____ to think of gaming as something simply for children and teenagers. In fact, the (75)______ growth area of the market is the 25-35 age group.

– plot (n): cốt chuyện

– to dominate (v): chi phối

– make-believe (n): sự tưởng tượng; hình ảnh tưởng tượng

61. a. concerned b. admired c. enjoyed d. surprised
62. a. has b. makes c. does d. gains
63. a. As soon as b. As well as c. As far as d. As long as
64. a. begun b. grown c. become d. changed
65. a. shapes b. branches c. areas d. forms
66. a. control b. attention c. attraction d. impression
67. a. direction b. variety c. difference d. convenience
68. a. pastime b. task c. routine d. supply.
69. a. increases b. produces . c. turns d. develops
70. a. movement b. change c. action d. attention
71. a. alike b. likely c. like d. likeness
72. a. affair b. matter c. action d. event
73. a. region b. area c. society d. world
74. a. false b. wrong c. dishonest d. unusual
75. a. longest b. widest c. biggest d. deepest

(76-80). Read the passage below carefully and choose the correct answer a, b, c or d.

Human memory, formerly believed to be rather inefficient, is really more sophisticated than that of a computer. Researchers approaching the problem from a variety of view points have all concluded that there is a great deal more stored in our minds than has been generally supposed. Dr. Wilder Penfield, a Canadian neurosurgeon, proved that by stimulating their brains electrically, he could elicit the total recall of specific events in his subjects’ lives. Even dreams and other minor events supposedly forgotten for many years suddenly emerged in detail.

Although the physical basic for memory is not yet understood, one theory is that the fantastic capacity for storage in the brain is the result of an almost unlimited combination of interconnections between brain cells, stimulated by patterns of activity. Repeated references to the same information support recall. Or to say that another way, improved performance is the result of strengthening the chemical bonds in the memory.

76. With what topic is the passage mainly concerned?

a. Wilder Penfield

b. Neurosurgery

c. Human memory

d. Chemical reactions

77. According to the passage, researchers have concluded that________.

a. the mind has a much greater capacity for memory than was previously believed

b. the physical basis for memory is clear

c. different points of view are valuable

d. human memory is inefficient

78. How did Penfield elicit dreams and other minor events from the past?

a. By surgery

b. By electric stimulation

c. By repetition

d. By chemical stimulation

79. According to the passage, the capacity for storage in the brain_____________ .

a. can be understood by examining the physiology

b. is stimulated by patterns of activity

c. has a limited combination of relationships

d. is not influenced by repetition

80. The word ‘bonds’ in the last sentence of the passage means_______________ .

a. promises

b. agreements

c. connections

d. responsibilities

(81-90). Fill in each blank with ONE appropriate word to make a meaning passage.

A recent issue of a language learning magazine has consulted a number of experts in the (81)__________ of second language acquisition. Their advice may prove in valuable for those considering a language course. One suggestion is that you assess whether you are likely to be successful at (82)__________ a language. Did you enjoy studying languages at school, for example? Do you have (83)________ time to learn a language? The major cost will be your own time and effort. Therefore you must make sure that the course (84)___________ offer leads to a recognized qualification. Also, be realistic in your goals. If you don’t set achievable aims you are more likely to give (85)____________ . Do not be deceivedinto thinking that the most expensive courses are the (86)___________ . Shop around to get the best possible value for money. You should also bear in mind that the quicker you learn a language the more quickly you forget (87)_____________ . Sandra Miller, a French teacher, tried to teach (88)___________ German by enrolling on a crash course. Already fluent in four languages and with a sound knowledge of teaching methodology her chances of (89)__________ progress were high. Three years on she remembers very little. She feels her biggest mistake was not to follow up her first experience. “Moreover, I think the teacher’s role is important. It’s so nice to have somebody give you a (90) ________ .”


(91-95). Choose the sentence (a, b, c or d) that is almost the same in meaning as the sentence given.

91. My daughter is looking forward to seeing her friend.

a. My daughter is being looked after while her friend is

b. My daughter is expecting to see her friend.

c. My daughter feels bored because she is going to see her friend soon.

d. My daughter does not want to see her friend again.

92. I ran into Peter, a friend of mine, on my way to school this morning.

a. I arranged to meet Peter on my way to school this morning.

b. Peter and I ran to school this morning.

c. I met my old friend unexpectedly on my way to school this morning.

d. I collided my friend Peter on my way to school this morning.

93. John earned much less in his previous job than he does now.

a. John is earning more in his current job.

b. John is earning less in his current job.

c. John had a higher salary in his previous job.

d. John’s previous job brought him as much money as his current one.

94. The secret to success is hard work.

a. Working hard ensures success.

b. One must work hard to keep secrets.

c. One cannot succeed if he has secrets.

d. If you keep your work secret, you will succeed.

95. The hurricane blew the roof off the house.

a. The hurricane was too weak to blow off the roof of the house

b. The hurricane put the roof back onto the house.

c. house was blown away by the hurricane.

d. The house had its roof blown off during the hurricane.

(96-100). Rewrite the sentences so that they are nearest in meaning to the sentence printed before them.

96. We can’t believe that she won the first prize in the English speaking contest.

We find____________________________________________________

97. Keeping calm is the secret of passing your driving test.

As long as __________________________________________________

98. ‘Would you like to have dinner with me?’ Mike said to Melanie.

Mike _______________________________________________________

99. I realized how much I loved the city only after I had left it.


100. Hunting elephants for tusks is guilty.

It’s a ________________________________________________________


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