Đề thi vào lớp 10 môn Tiếng Anh – Đề số 31 (Đề nâng cao)

Đề luyện thi môn tiếng anh vào lớp 10 PHONETICS (1-5). Choose the word whose underlined part pronounced differently from that of the others.1.a. learnb. earthc. pearld. fear2.a. believeb. neighborc. ceilingd. movie3.a. apartmentb. alreadyc. acrossd. another4.a. coughb. enoughc. weighd. laugh5.a. thanksb. thinkc. thered. three(6-10). Choose the word whose main stress pattern is not the same as that of the others.6. a. employmentb. atmospherec. customerd. applicant7. a. quantitiesb....

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Đề luyện thi môn tiếng anh vào lớp 10


(1-5). Choose the word whose underlined part pronounced differently from that of the others.

1. a. learn b. earth c. pearl d. fear
2. a. believe b. neighbor c. ceiling d. movie
3. a. apartment b. already c. across d. another
4. a. cough b. enough c. weigh d. laugh
5. a. thanks b. think c. there d. three
(6-10). Choose the word whose main stress pattern is not the same as that of the others.
6. a. employment b. atmosphere c. customer d. applicant
7. a. quantities b. forturnately c. region d. include
8. a. possibility b. electrician c. Vietnamese d. Internet
9. a. unusual b. remain c. previous d. anxirty
10. a. inspiration b. federation c. reputation d. communication


(11-40). Choose the word or phrase (a, b, c or d) that best fits the blank space in each sentence.

11. Don’t worry Mom. We’re old enough to take care______ ourselves.

a. of b. for c. about d. by

12. John is very keen______ his next trip abroad.

a. on b. with c. for d. about

13. It’s difficult to distinguish one twin________ another.

a. to b. by c. for d. from

14. They did it with a view a_______ promoting their new product

a. for b. on c. to d. of

15. Storms on the Sun can interfere_________ radio broadcasts on the Earth.

a. in b. at c. on d. with

16. She came_____ some old photographs in a drawer.

a. up b. into c. across d. down

17. I’m in a hurry. I want to be home _____ to see the game on television.

a. on time b. in time c. before time d. by time

18. Their diet consists largely ______ vegetables.

a. of b. on c. with d. in

19. She went_______ a bad cold just before Christmas.
a. down with b. in for c. forward to d. through with

20. If you’re going on a long walk, plan your route carefully before you_______ .

a. go on b. carry out c. set off d. make up

21. Come and see us more often. You must________ any time you like.

a. call out b. turn up c. get by d. drop in

22. Helen was going away. We went to the station with her to_______ .

a. get her out b. see her off c. take her in d. pick her up

23. I’ve______ My clothes don’t fit any more.

a. taken up b. put on c. gotten to d. turned out

24. Let’s ask our teacher how to solve this problem_______ we can’t agree on the answer.

a. since b. because of c. consequently d. so

25. The ‘ words you say, the_______ trouble you will have.

a. fewer – lesser b. less – less c. fewer – less d. fewest – least

26. John was really a silly boy. I still remember______ very stupid questions.

a. to ask him b. him to ask c. asking him d. him asking

27. Mainly because of the recent health scares involving beef and chicken, the number of vegetarians _______ to rise dramatically in the next five years.

a. expects b. expect c. is expected d. are expected

28. The project was rejected because of________

a. unavailable b. insufficient c. incompleted d. inconsiderable

29. She not only sings like an angel,________ .

a. she dances divinely as well b. but she dances divinely also
c. and she also dances divinely d. also she dances divinely

30. Until you learn to relax more, you ; your ability to speak English.

a. haven’t improved b. aren’t improving
c. don’t improve d. won’t improv

31. Soon after I_____ for a job with the United Nations two years ago, I________ .

a. applied – hired b. applied – was hired
c. was applied – hired d. was applied – was hired

32. There’s nobody at home. They _____ out.

a. must go b. should go c. must have gone d. should have gone

33. ______ after carefully, the plant can live through the winter.

a. Looking b. Having looked c. Looked d. Be looked

34. I think they will come,______ ?

a. don’t they b. won’t they c. do I d. don’t I

35. Methane gas _______ for heating and generating power.

a. uses b. is used c. used to be d. get used to being

36. I don’t think he is__________ enough to paint such a beautiful portrait.

a. creative b. patient c. active d. energetic

37. The people _______ near a big market are often used to the noise all day and night.

a. live b. living c. lived d. who living

38. She joined the local tennis club, ______ members were at least 60.

a. most of b. most of which c. most of its d. most of whose

39. The Tsunami of December 2004 in South East Asia_________ nearby areas and killed nearly 300,000 people.

a. devastated b. spoiled c. struck d. blocked

40. ‘Can I get you a cup of coffee?’ “______”

a. That’s a good idea. b. That would be nice,
c. Yes, of course. d. Go ahead.

(41-50). Choose the underlined word or phrase (A, B, c or D) that needs correcting.

41. As soon as (A) I shut (B) the front door I realized (C) that I have left (D) my key in the house.

42. Despite (A) migration to the (B) suburbs, the population of (C) many large American cities declined between 1950 and 1960 (D).

43. The (A) distinction between (B) wildflowers and weeds is one that is (C) often difficult to do (D) .

44. The American designer (A) Louis Comfort Tiffany took much of (B) his inspire (C) from nature (D) .

45. Hardly he had (A) entered the office when (B) he realized that he had (C) forgotten (D) his wallet.

46. Why (A) did you go to the (B) language center where (C) Jane is studying (D) for?

47. If (A) the maid comes (B) today, please have her, washed (C) all of (D) my shirts.

48. Lack of (A) hygiene in restaurants are (B) the major (C) cause of disease is some areas of the (D) country.

49. If he had worked (A) harder, he would have (B) passed the exam that (C) he had taken (D) last month.

50. I wish someone offered (A) to help us find out (B) our way when we got lost (C) in the middle (D) of the city.

(51-60). Use the correct form of the word given in each sentence.

51. What is the individual’s_______ . to others in modern society? (responsible)

52. It’s_________ to drive through a red light, (legal)

53. It’s_________ that people who earn more money pay lower taxes, (logical)

54. On the plane, the in-flight____________ are not only in Vietnamese, but also in English, (announce)

55. Parents are always fiercely____________ of their children (protect)

56. You may have some_____________ during the first few days, but you’ll soon

get used to it. (comfort)

57. Many Vietnamese women today don’t often wear ao dai at work because it is _________ . (convenience)

58. My father thinks watching the news every day is very_______ . (inform)

59. I was annoyed at his _______to cooperate, (refuse)

60. It is more________ to travel by train than by car. (economy)


(61-75). Choose the word or phrase (a, b, c or d) that best fits the blank space in the following passage.

When you read something in a foreign language, you frequently come across words you do not (61)____ understand. Sometimes you (62)_____ the meaning in a dictionary and sometimes you guess. The strategy you adopt depends very much upon the (63)_____ of accuracy you require and the time (64)_______ your disposal. If you are the sort of person who tends to (65)____ to the dictionary frequently, it is (66)_____ remembering that every dictionary has its limitations. Each definition is only an (67)______ and one builds up an accurate picture of the meaning of a word only after meeting it in a (68)_________ of contexts. It is also important to recognize the special dangers of dictionaries that (69)__________ from English into your native language and vice versa. If you must use a dictionary, it is usually far safer to (70) an English-English dictionary. In most exams you are not permitted to use a dictionary. (71)________ you are allowed to use one, it is very time-consuming to look up words, and time in exams is usually limited. You are therefore forced to guess the meaning of when you come across unknown words in an exam text, it is very easy to panic. However, if you develop efficient techniques for guessing the meaning, you will (73)____ a number of possible problems and help yourself to understand far more of the text than you at first thought likely. Two strategies which may help you to guess the meaning of a word are: using contextual clues, both (74)_____ the sentence and outside, and making use of clues (75)____ from the formation of the world.

61. a. fully b. really c. widely d. commonly
62. a. inspect b. examine c. control d. check
63. a. range b. degree c. rank d. extent
64. a. by b. on c. at d. for
65. a. turn b. switch c. get d. aim
66. a. valuable b. vital c. essential d. worth
67. a. speculation b. approximation c. estimate d. guesswork
68. a. order b. view c. level d. variety
69. a. interpret b. transfer c. translate d. transform
70. a. survey b. consult c. refer d. inquire
71. a. Even if b. In case c. Provided d. Although
72. a. alien b. acquainted c. queer d. unfamiliar
73. a. overlook b. overrun c. overcome d overtake
74. a. within b. between . c. inside d. among
75. a. coming b. derived c. descended d. extracted

(76-80). Read the passage below carefully and choose the correct answer a, b, c or d.


If a big apple and a small one drop from an identical height at the same instant, which one will reach the ground first? Neither! Without air resistance, a large apple will reach the ground no sooner than a small one. Many people find this hard to believe, since it seems to contradict “common sense”.

A great Italian mathematician and physicist named Galileo first proved that, without friction, a heavy object and a light one released froni the same height will reach the ground at the same instant.

He had begun to suspect that the common notion about heavier objects falling faster than lighter ones was false when he experimented with pendulum. He found that a heavy pendulum swung no faster than lighter one. Galileo went on to experiment with balls rolling down a sloping plank, and proved that heavy balls reached the bottom no faster than light balls.

Galileo’s investigation with the dynamics of motion revealed another important law of physics: that, apart from air resistance, bodies accelerate constantly as they fall. In a yacuum (where there is no air resistance) a heavy object does not fall faster than a light one; the rate of acceleration (32 feet per second) is the same for all objects. Thus any object travels faster at the end of its fall than at the beginning.

– air resistance (n): sức cản của không khí

– to contradict (v): mâu thuẫn với, trái với

– friction (n): sự ma sát

– pendulum (n): quả lắc đồng hồ

– dynamics (n): động lực học

– to accelerate (v): tăng tốc ->acceleration (n): gia tốc

– vacuum (n): khoảng chân không

76. The article as a whole tells us about__________ .

a. how apples fall

b. some of Galileo’s experiments

c. the life of Galileo

d. Galileo’s experiment with pendulums

77. Which of the following sentences is NOT true?

a. Galileo experimented with pendulums.

b. The weight of an object does not affect the speed of its falls.

c. People used to think that a heavy object falls faster than a light one.

d. The speed of a falling object is affected by its weight.

78. The word “notion” in the third paragraph can best be replaced by_____ .

a. idea

b. quality

c. experiment

d. conclusion

79. One of the results of Galileo’s experiments was that__________ .

a. the rate of acceleration of heavy objects is greater than that of lighter objects

b. Because of the air resistance, a heavy object does not fall faster than a light one

c. objects accelerate constantly as they fall

d. A falling object slows down at the end of its fall

80. It may be inferred from the article that__________ .

a. heavy objects sometimes fall faster than light ones

b. Galileo’s theories were unpopular throughout Europe

c. common sense is not always the best guide

d. air resistance cannot be measured

(81-90). Fill in each blank with ONE appropriate word to make a meaning passage. Beijing, Thursday

China said today that there was heavy loss of (81)________ in the earthquake which struck Tangshan city yesterday. Survivors said that Tangshan, an industrial city of one million people 160 kilometers east of Peking, was completely (82)___________ .

Observers living in Beijing said it appeared that only a small part of the one million inhabitants escaped (83) or injury. Many of the men of Tangshan were working in the mines deep under the earth’s surface when the (84)__________ occurred. Unfortunately, few of these miners have (85)____________ . A lot of people were also working in the city’s (86)____________ . Regrettably, most were (87)_________ under falling concrete when the buildings (88)_________ . The Chinese authorities have not yet given any information about the actual (89);________ of casualties, but it is thought that tens of thousands of people have been killed. Hardly a (90)_________ has been left standing.


(91-95). Choose the sentence (a, b, c or d) that is almost the same in meaning as the sentence given.

91. She would not even look at him when she met him.

a. She pretended not to look at him.

b. She looked at him rather strangely,

c. She refused to look at him.

d. She was forced to look away from him.

92 . The onset of the disease is shown by a feeling of faintness.

a. A feeling of faintness signals the final stage of the disease.

b. One feels faint if the disease is over.

c. The first sign of the disease is a feeling of faintness.

d. Faintness causes the disease.

93. There is not much to choose between the two essays.

a. Both essays are great.

b. One essay is just as bad as the other,

c. One of the essays is optional.

d. Either essay can be chosen.

94. Were it not for the money, this job wouldn’t be worthwhile.

a. This job is not rewarding at all.

b. The only thing that makes this job worthwhile is the money.

c. Although the salary is poor, the job is worthwhile.

d. This job offers a poor salary, so it wouldn’t be worthwhile.

95. The children tried their best to please their parents.

a. The children made little effort to please their parents.

b. The children made few efforts to please their parents.

c. The children made every effort to please their parents.

d. The children made a little effort to please their parents.

(96-100). Rewrite the sentences so that they are nearest in meaning to the sentence printed before them.

96. They talked in whispers because they didn’t want me to overhear them.

They talked in whispers in order to_____________________________________

97. She suddenly began to cry after reading the letter.

She burst_______________________________________________________

98. He only felt entirely relaxed with close friends and family.

Only with_______________________________________________________

99. You’re tired now because you stayed up late last night.

If _____________________________________________________________

100. I have not seen a more wonderful building anywhere.


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