Đề thi học sinh giỏi tỉnh Quảng Nam – Tiếng Anh 9 – năm học 2009-2010.

A. GRAMMAR AND VOCABULARY Question 1. Circle the best option A, B, c or D to finish each of the following sentences. 1. He completely_____ with what I said.A. agreedB. argued C. acceptedD. complained2. Helen was the last applicant to__________ .A. interview B. be interviewingC. be interviewedD. interviewed 3. I can’t find my purse anywhere; I must________ it at the cinemaA. leaveB. have leftC. be leaving have D. been leaving 4. Hoi An is famous_______ its old streets.A. ofB. withC....

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Question 1. Circle the best option A, B, c or D to finish each of the following sentences.

1. He completely_____ with what I said.

A. agreed B. argued C. accepted D. complained

2. Helen was the last applicant to__________ .

A. interview B. be interviewing C. be interviewed D. interviewed

3. I can’t find my purse anywhere; I must________ it at the cinema

A. leave B. have left C. be leaving have D. been leaving

4. Hoi An is famous_______ its old streets.

A. of B. with C. about D. for

5. The sheet of paper slipped_______

A. off / onto B. from / down C. from / upon D. off / upon

6. I_______she will agree about giving you a pay rise.

A. hard think B. think hard C. hardly think D. think hardly

7. Do you know the man______________over there?

A. stands B. standing C. who stand D. whose standing

8. I’m afraid I have to leave_________a few days time.

A. in B. for C. on D. by

9. Do you think we’ll find a solution___this problem?

A. about B. to C. of D. with

10. From the hotel, there is a good____

A. vision B. picture C. view D. sight

11. Why don’t we take Lisa__________with us on our next trip?

A. on B. in C. to D. along

12. When I was younger, I___________to smoke or drink.

A. never used B. didn’t used C. not used D. wasn’t used

13. When I questioned him, he finally___________ stealing my pen.

A. accused B. admitted C. confessed D. accepted

14. Her written work is excellent. She puts her ideas_________ so well.

A. across B. forward C. on D. out

15. If we_________ to the footpath, we won’t get lost.

a. follow B. keep C. stay D. remain

16. “Could I just do it right now?” – “__________”

A. Yes, you could B. Not lot me
C. Yes, let’s D. Why not? Go ahead

Question 2. Match a line in column A with a line in column B to make a new meaningful sentence. There are two extra lines in column B that you do not need to use. 0 is an example.

0. It’s difficult to keep them

1. She couldn’t decide which to choose

2. I can hear someone

3. Were the government to be forced into another election,

4. The children couldn’t agree

5. By telephoning every hour

6. You mustn’t drink alcohol

7. Although the injury was serious

8. Trees were planted along the streets

A. about which game to play next.

B. it would be the favourite to win.

C. working all the time.

D. she eventually managed to speak to the director.

E. in order to prevent a cold.

F. because all the cakes looked good.

G. when you go into a pub.

H. shouting in the distance.

I. so as to reduce traffic noise.

J. it didn’t keep her out of the game.

K. when you drive a car.

Question 3: Read the text below and look carefully at each line. Some of the lines are correct but some have a word which should not be there. If a line is correct, put a tick (v) at the end of the line. If a line has a word which should not be there, write the word at the end of the line. Some lines have been done as axamples.

Question 4: Complete the following passage with an appropriate form of the word in BLOCK CAPITAL. (0) has been done as an example.

The Acongagua is a challenge to any mountaineer, yet it is (0) appealingto APPEAL

amateurs and professionals alike. Bolivia welcomes anyone whose (1)______ INTEND

it is to test their stamina and (2)_______ making the arduous journey to the summit STRONG

of this beautiful mountain. (3)_________ , this four day trek can prove more of a APPARENT

challenge than first expected.

The initial stretch seems (4)__________ , a gentle stroll through the lush valleys EFFORT

of the Andes, where the climbers can enjoy the stunning (5)________ of the REFLECT

Acongagua in the lake. However, it soon becomes (6)___________ challenging SIGNIFY

for even the fittest of mountaineers. Many have to be treated for (7)________ or EXHAUST

altitude sickness in their attempt to reach the summit. (8)__________ though, INCREASE

more and more climbers are making it to the top. The secret? To be cautious

and take a much slower pace.


Question 1: Read the text below and decide which answer A, B, C, or D best fits each space. (0) has been done as an example.

Soon (0)_________ the call, Sherlock Holmes (1)_____________ to the address he had been given. He looked at the house (2)______________ every detail; the garden, the driveway, the main entrance. The main entrance was still locked and there were no footprints on the ground so the murderer (3)_________ have entered the house from there. However, one of the top windows was half open and the tall tree right next to it was easy to climb so he (4)_________ have come in this way. Holmes went near one of the ground floor windows and peered inside. It was obvious that whoever had broken into the house had no intention of (5)__________ anything. Priceless vases and paintings were still in place but someone had moved the furniture. Why? It was then he (6)_____________ that opening on the wooden floor. He (7)____________ to see anything else. He swung round to the police inspector behind him. ‘This (8) solved’ he announced.

0. A. after B. when C. enough D. time
1. A. arrived B. reached C. called D. got
2. A. examining B. looking C. testing D. prosecuting
3. A. could B. couldn’t C. needn’t D. mustn’t
4. A. should B. must C.need D. had
5. A. robbing B. picking C. committing D. stealing
6. A. noticed B. noted C. remarked D. pointed
7. A. needn’t B. needn’t have C. didn’t need D. couldn’t
8. A. incident B. case C. event D. occasion

Question 2. You are going to read an article in a magazine about shopping. Six sentences have been removed from the article. Choose from the sentences A-H the one which fits each gap (1-6). There is one extra sentence which you do not need to use. (0) is an example.

A. If I spent more than five minutes in this environment, i’d have a nervous breakdown!

B. They’d rather wait to be given a pair for Christmas, even if it’s only July.

C. Press some buttons and the shopping is delivered to your door.

D. I do all my shopping locally and I still hate it.

E. There’s nothing worse than enthusiastic shop assistants.

F. They become depressed if they haven’t been shopping for a week.

G. Big supermarkets make huge profits, destroy small shops and spoil the community.

H. It bores me stiff and I can’t stand it.


There are many different types of shops – department stores, supermarkets, market stalls, traditional shops, the list is endless. But whether I’m in a huge modern shopping centre, a cosy village shop or an outdoor market in Morocco, it’s all the same to me. It’s shopping. (0) H

There are three types of people. Those who love shopping, those who don’t have an opinion, and those who hate it. Those who love it are ‘shopaholics’.They buy anything, anytime, anywhere, and at any price. (1)______ Those who don’t have an opinion will usually do enough shopping for a comfortable life. They know how to say no to a bargain and when their credit card is reaching its limit.

Those who hate it will try anything to get out of doing it. They ask their family, they ask their friends. They happily go without milk or sugar in their coffee rather than go to buy some more. They wear socks with holes in them and don’t buy new ones. (2)__________ of course, am one of the ‘haters’, but when I’m absolutely forced to go because I have nothing left to eat, drink or wear in the house, I like to be left alone. (3) _________They try to make you think they’re interested.

They try to make you feel special. They tell you that a pair of green trousers with red spots really suit you, but you know they only want your cash. Give me a bored, rude or disinterested shop assistant any day!

The sales? You won’t see me there. Think of those pushing crowds rushing about looking for bargains, lines of people queuing up waving their credit cards. (4)_________

Of course there are also serious reasons why I dislike some shops. Their prices are too high and they sell perfectly shaped, perfectly coloured fruit and vegetables which make you wonder what is done to them when they are being grown.

Shopping by computer, that’s the answer. (6)_____________ It probably wouldn’t affect the serious problems I have mentioned, but it would certainly get rid of the crowds and avoid the ‘helpful’ assistant.

Question 3. Read the text below and think of the word which best fits each space. Use only ONE word in each space.

As soon as my father had booked his flight to Cairo he had a (0)funny feeling, a kind of foreboding. It was not his first business trip to Cairo but it was certainly his (1)_____________ eventful. To begin with, his was delayed for two hours due to mechanical failure and when it finally arrived, the plane door wouldn’t open. When he got his suitcase from the baggage area it had (3)_____________ torn down one side, and then the first taxi he took ran (4)________of petroi. Feeling a little annoyed, he caught another taxi and made it (5)___________ his usual hotel.

At the reception he was told that his reservation could not be found and there was no chance of finding a (6)_____________ for him as they were fully booked, so he had to settle (7)_________ another hotel. When he finally got to his room, the lights (8)____________________ off as he walked in. By now he was very upset. He called Mr. Fekesh, wanting to have a (9)_________ with him about their meeting and they told him he had had to leave on urgent business. Hurriedly, my father went back to the (10)_________ and caught the first flight home just hoping the plane wouldn’t crash on the way back.


Question 1. Make any changes and addition to build the sentences from the cues given.

1.I / tired / that / able / go out / tonight.

2. Some / our electricity / now / come / nuclear power.

3. We / lucky / catch / last bus / arrive / home / very late / last night.

4. Football / said / be / good / games / play.

5. Students / spend / much time / learn / English / a day’s time.

6. Paul / not / tall / reach / top / cupboard.

7. We / often / have / difficulty / finish / work / weekend.

8. Of all / hotels / town / the Royal Hotel / expensive.

Question 2. Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first one. Use the word given in brackets and other words to complete each sentence. Don’t change the form of the given words. (0) has been done as an example.

0. “Do you know how to get to the town center?” she asked me. (WAY)

She asked me If I knew the wav to the town centre

1. We haven’t got enough money, so we can’t buy a new cooker. (SHORT)

We ……………………………………………………………………………………………..

2. I gave back my blue shirt and got a white one. (EXCHANGED)

3. The only one person who was not at the party was Tom. (APART)

Everyone ……………………………………………………………………………………..

4. If there is one thing I hate doing, it’s the ironing. (STAND)

If there ………………………………………………………………………………………..

5. David is employed by a big construction firm. (FOR)

Mr. David ……………….. :………………………………………………………………….

6. We haven’t received confirmation of hotel booking yet. (BEEN)

Our hotel booking …………………………………………………………………………

7. “In my opinion, you shouldn’t stay up so late”, Lan said to Nam. (ADVISED)

Lan ……………………………………………………………………………………………..

8. It is necessary to finish this homework tonight. (GOT)

Question 3. Write a paragraph (120-150 words) to express your opinion about “The advantages and disadvantages of watching television”.

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