Đề kiểm tra trắc nghiệm Tiếng Anh 12, unit 4: School education system (Đề 2)

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1 – 5. Pick out the word whose underlined and bold part is pronounced differently from that of the other words.

1. A. never B. sever C. fever D. clever

2. A. hour B. pour C. sour D. flour

3. A. luxury B. example C. exist D. exam

4. A. chemical B. chaos C. orchestra D. orchard

5. A. dosage B. carriage C. voyage D. teenage

6 – 10. Pick out the words. word that has the stress differently from that of the other words.

6. A. politic B. historic C. electric D. specific

7. A. reference B. accident C. coincide D. formulate

8. A. deposit B. dramatist C. register D. community

9. A. memory B. typical C. reward D. marketing

10. A. stimulate B. generate C. secure D. estimate


11 – 25. Choose the best answer among A, B, C or D that best completes each sentence.

11. He refused to comment before he had seen all the ….. information.

A. relevant B. whole C. total D. wholly

12. AU students without exception must

A. take B. do C. sit D. All are correct

13. Your parents will have to your tuition fees.

A. bear B. cover C. pay D. All are correct

14. In the United States …… college is a college that is mainly for students from the local community and that offers programmes that are two years long, including programmes in practical skills.

A. local B. ethnic C. City D. community

15. You need three A ……… to get onto this university course.

A. marks B. grades C. levels D. points

16. He was my …….. tutor at university.

A. private B. personal C. individual D. All are correct

17. For this course a….in English at grade B is acceptable.

A. pass B. permission C. mark D. level

18. The judge’s decision is …..

A. ending B. final C. finally D. eternal

19. The day commenced ……a welcome from the Principal.

A. on B. at C. by D. with

20. Death is often an unpleasant of conversation.

A. topic B. subject C. field D. A and B

21. All planes ….before departure.

A. will checked B. will had checked

C. will be checked D. will been checked

22. I wanted ……by the head of the company, but it was impossible.

A. to see B. to be seen

C. seeing D. being to see

23. Nancy ….. at Bob’s house every night this week.

A. has been eaten C. is being eaten

B. has eating D. has been eating

24. “Where did you get these old dresses? We…them in the old truck

A. were found B. finding

C. found D. have been found

25. “What happened to the old mail carrier?” “He ….to a new neighborhood to work.”

A. has sent B. was send

C. was sent D. sent

26 – 30. Choose the underlined part among A, B, C or D that needs correcting.

26. Some students think that get good marks is the most important thing that they must pay attention to.


27. My parents were forcedto be worked on farms all day to earn a living.


28. Anybody planning to attend the competition ought to be sent a short note to the manager.


29. The pictures exhibited in the Houston Museum last week are now on displaying in London.


30. Anybodyhaving been gone to the top of the building is impressed by the


spectacular view.

31-35. Choose the correct sentence among A, B, C or D which has the same

meaning as the given one.

31. Don’t you wish you could get out more in the evening?

A. How about getting out more in the evening?

B. Don’t you fed up with having to stay at home in the evening?

C. Do you feel like not getting out more in the evening?

D. Why don’t you get out very often in the evening?

32. Susan said, “If I were you, Td go by taxi, Peter.”

A. Susan advised Peter to go by taxi.

B. Susan told Peter that if she were him, she would go by taxi.

C. “You’d better go by taxi, Peter” said Susan.

D. All are correct.

33. There isn’t enough room for anything else in the fridge.

A. The fridge is so full that you can’t put in anything else.

B. There isn’t anything else in the fridge in this room.

C. There’s no room left for the fridge.

D. The fridge can’t be put in this room because there isn’t enough space.

34. They are building a new school in the village.

A. A new school has been built in the village.

B. The building of a new school in the village has just finished.

C. A new school is built in the village.

D. A new school is being built in the village

35. You got lost because you didn’t do what I told you.

A. If you followed what I told you, you wouldn’t get lost.

B. If you had followed my instructions, you wouldn’t have got lost.

C. Unless you do what I told you, you will get lost.

D. You didn’t get lost because you did what I told you.


36 – 45. Choose the word or phrase among A, B, C or D that best fits the blank space in the following passage:

At last it is here: tomorrow is the exam day. There is no more homework to do, you have done lots of (36)….. and you have had plenty of useful practice with past papers. You have finished the (37)…. . So what should you do now? Probably the least advisable course of (38)…. would be to carry on studying late into the night, trying (39)….. to learn things you should have learned long .ago and (40)…. in the morning with an awful headache.

A far better idea is to practise, (41)….. a singer or a musician does, what you already knew. In order not to feel (42)…. the next day, go to bed early and get up at your usual (43)….. . You may be a little bit (44)….. but that is probably just a (45)…… of your determination to do will in the exam.

36. A. review B. revision C. revise D. reference

37. A. course B. class C. lesson D. lecture

38. A. act B. action C. activity D. acting

39. A. strongly B. absolutely C. desperately D. passionately

40. A. walking B. awaking C. getting D. awakening

41. like B. similar C. as D. alike

42. A. sleep B. asleep C. sleeping D. sleepy

43. A. time B. hour C. day D. moment

44. A. excited B. nervous C. upset D. uneasy

45. A. sign B. signal C. warning D. gesture

46 – 50. Choose the item among A, B, C or D that best answers the question about the passage.

Students must apply for a place before attending any class. Applications, whether by post or in persons, are dealt with strictly in the order they are received at the Adult Education Office. You can apply:

+ By post: use the card provided with the exact fee. You will be accepted on the course unless it is full, in which case we will inform you. An acknowledgement will not be made nor a receipt sent unless you provide a stamped addressed envelope. Receipts will normally be given out at the first class.

+ In person: Call at the Adult Education Office (ground floor, Block C) between approximately 9.00 am and 3.30 pm (2.30 pm on Fridays) or at the College Reception Desk (at the main entrance) at other times (in the evenings until about 7.30 pm, not on Fridays).

Students should note that popular classes may be full well before the course is due to start, so early application is strongly advised to avoid disappointment.

=> For the autumn term, applications will be accepted by post or in person from 1st August.

=> For the spring term, applications will be accepted from 1st December.

=> For the summer term, applications will be accepted from 1st April.

46. Students who apply to the College by post will …..

A. avoid disappointment

B. be sent a bill

C. have an advantage over people applying in person

D. be informed if they have not got a place

47. What must students applying by post do?

A. Provide a stamped addressed envelope.

B. Pay at the first class.

C. Send payment with their application.

D. Bring the receipt to the first class.

48. Where can students apply in person?

A. At the College Reception Desk after about 3.30 pm.

B. At the Adult Education Office after about 3.30 pm.

C. At the Adult Education Office at 9.30 pm.

D. At the College Reception Desk at 2.00 pm on Fridays.

49. If students want to apply for the autumn term, ……….

A. they should check whether the course is full

B. the College would rather they applied by post

C. applications must be received by August 1st.

D. they must apply in person

50. The word “acknowledgement” would probably mean

A. acceptance B. thank

C. recognition D. gratitude

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