Đề kiểm tra trắc nghiệm Tiếng Anh 12, unit 1: Home life (Đề 2)

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1 – 5. Pick out the word whose underlined and bold part is pronounced differently from that of the other words.

1. A. says B. bays C. days D. rays

2 A. repeats B. coughs C. amuses D. attacks

3. A. walks B. begins C. helps D. cuts

4. A. happen B. calculate C. add D. radius

5 A. missed B. worked C. realized D. watched

6-10. Pick out the word that has the stress differently from that of the other words.

6. A. entertain B. enjoyable C. anniversary D. introduce

7. A. memorable B. experience C. selfish D. confidence

8. A. escape B. replace C. involve D. selfish

9 A. explanation B. experiment C. accomplishment D. discovery

10 . A. attractive B. sociable C. dynamic D. conservative


11-25. Choose the best answer among A, B, C or D that best completes each sentence.

11. ……… frankly, I’m not surprised you failed.

A. Completely B. Quite C. Entirely D. All are correct

12. Let me give you a …….. with those bags.

A. help B. hand C. support D. hold

13. The neighbours are very kind, they are always willing to ….. a hand.

A. offer B. make C. lend D. provide

14. He has acted…… obedience ……… the law.

A. in – to B. at – to C. in – of D. under – to

15. He needs a hobby to keep him busy and stop him from …… mischief.

A. Corning into B. going in C. getting into D. getting on

16. She ….. no secret of her dislike of her father.

A. does B. makes C. expresses D. conveys

17. She said she’d prefer us to arrive ………nine o’clock.

A. no after than B. not after than

c. riot later than D. no later than

18. Christopher Columbus ……. America more than 500 years ago.

A. discovered B. has discovered

c. had discovered D. had been discovering

19. He fell down when he …….. towards the church.

A. run B. runs C. was running D. had run

20. We ……. there when our father died.

A. Still lived C. lived still

B. lived still D. were still living

21. They……. table-tennis when their father comes back home.

A. will play B. will be playing C. play D. would play

22. By Christmas, I …… for Mr. Smith for six years.

A. shall have been working B. shall work

C. have been working D. shall be working

23. I ……. in the room right now.

A. am being B. was being C. have been being D. am

24. I …… to New York three times this year.

A. have been B. was C. were D. had been

25. I’ll come and see you before I ……… for the States.

Ả. leave B. will leave C. have left D. shall leave

26 – 30. Choose the underlined part among A, B, C or D that needs correcting.

26. If you have difficulty forfinding my house, try to ask someone for help.


Drivers or passengers are requiredto wear Seat belts while in a moving vehicle.


27. Mary reminded Susan to goingto post the letter that afternoon.


28. Susan denied not having broken that vase because she wasn’t there at that time.


29. Paul congratulated Mary on having been passedtheentrance examination.


31-35. Choose the correct sentence among A, B, C or D which has the same meaning as the given one.

31. This is my tenth year working in this bank.

A. By the end of this year, I will work in this bank for ten years.

B. I have worked in this bank for ten years by the end of this year.

C. By the end of this year, I will have worked in this bank for ten years.

D. I had been working in this bank for ten years by the end of this year.

32. The famous actor was last seen in 2000.

A. The famous actor has not been able to see since 2000.

B. No one has seen the famous actor since 2000.

C. The famous actor didn’t see anyone in 2000.

D. No one saw the famous actor until 2000.

33. If only I hadn’t hurt your feeling.

A. I regret having hurt your feeling.

B. I’m very sorry to bẹ hurt your feeling.

C. I am sorry to hurt your feeling.

D. I am sorry but I didn’t hurt your feeling.

34. “Don’t put your feet on the chair,” my mother said.

A. My mother said to me not to put your feet on the chair.

B. My mother told me not to put my feet on the chair.

C. My mother told me I did not put my feet on the chair.

D. My mother told me that I should put my feet on the chair.

35. Few people realized the importance of his role in the company.

A. Not many people realized that he played an important part in the company.

B. Quite a few people realized the importance of his role in the company.

C. Many people realized his important role in the company.

D. He was realized as an important role in the company by a few people.


36 – 45. Choose the word or phrase among A, B, C or D that best fits the blank space in the following passage:

Men are lazy in the home, according to an official survey (36)……… today. They have about six hours a week more free time than wives, but play very little

(37)…… in cooking, cleaning, washing, and ironing, according to the Social Trends Survey by the Central (38)…… Office.

Nearly three quarters of married women (39)…… to do all or most of the housework, and among married men the proportion who admitted that their wives did all or most of the housework was only slightly lower.

The survey (40)…… that washing and ironing was the least popular task among men, with only one percent (41)…… this duty, compared with 89 percent of women, and 10 percent sharing equally.

Only 5 percent of men (42)….. the evening meal, 3 percent carry out household cleaning duties, 5 percent household shopping, and 17 percent wash the evening dishes. But when household gadgets break down, (43)…… are carried out by 82 percent of husbands.

The survey says that, despite our economic problems, the majority of Britons are substantially better (44)….. than a decade ago. We’re healthier, too – eating healthier foods and smoking less.

The (45)….. Briton, not surprisingly, is more widely travelled than a decade ago. More people are going abroad for holidays, with Spain the favorite destination.

36. A. emerged B. edited C. published D. furnished

37. A. role B. section C. work D. part

38. A. Numerical B. Ordinal C. Cardinal D. Statistical

39. A. pronounced B. uttered C. claimed D. emitted

40. A. pointed B. evolved C. planned D. showed

41. A. forming B. formulating C. performing D. burdening

42. A. prepare B. process C. undertake D. fit

43. A. repairs B. fixings C. fittings D. amendments

44. A. over B. off C. through D. on

45. A. medium B. average C. popular D. normal

46 -50. Choose the item among A, B, C or D that best answers the question about the passage:

The United States has been criticized* for its treatment of its elderly citizens. Although in many other countries the elderly usually live with their children’s family, many older Americans live alone, without the close companionship of their children. This situation is sometimes blamed on the “selfishness” of the younger generation but a closer look shows that many of the elderly prefer to maintain their independent lives.

Research on the situation of the elderly in America has shown that while grandparents are delighted to be visited periodically by their children and grandchildren, they prefer to continue living in the surroundings that they are familiar with. This suggests that children should permit their parents to live alone if they wish to, and should encourage them to maintain close ties to the rest of the family.

Another surprising result of the research on the elderly in the United States has been the very positive influence which pets have been found to have on the elderly people that they live with. It has been shown that elderly people who care for small pets, such as cats or dogs, live longer, are healthier, and have better attitudes towards their lives than similar elderly people without these companions.

46. Many elderly Americans live ………

A. without satisfaction B. by themselves

c. a lonely life D. a simple life

47. What do some people see as the cause of this situation?

A. The society of the USA treats its elderly people as troubles.

B. The young people usually trouble the elderly of their own.

C. The government concerns hardly about the elderly people.

D. The young people are too selfish.

48. Many of the elderly Americans want to ……

A. keep living in their well-known places and conditions

B. remain with their grandchildren in their houses

C. remove to their sons’ or daughters’ homes

D. live with their friends in their hometown

49. The author advises the young people to …….

A. keep close ties the elderly of their own

B. let the elderly of their families live by themselves

C. respect the wishes of their elderly parents

D. permit their elderly relatives to raise some pets

50. The author’s main thought is that ….. .

A. the elderly who care for some pets li ve longer

B. the social practice in the USA makes the elderly live alone

C. the elderly people should have better attitudes towards their lives

D. it is a social tradition that the elderly Americans enjoy the self- directing lives

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