Đề kiểm tra trắc nghiệm Tiếng Anh 12, Test yourself B

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1-5. Pick out the word whose underlined and bold part is pronounced differently from that of the other words.

1. A. singular B. dictates C. cost D. pleasure

2. A. huge B. garage C. ginger D. dangerous

3. A. enough B. though C. tough D. rough

4. A. creative B. creature C. breathe D. clean

5. A. good B. foot C. pool D. look

6-10. Pick out the word that has the stress differently from that of the other words.

6. A. contract B. continent C. constant D. consider

7. A. confidence B. conference C. conductor D. context

8. A. distant B. distribute C. distinct D. district

9. A. elevate B. element C. elegant D. evacuate

10. A. bookstore B. between C. theatre D. superman


11-25. Choose the best answer among A, B, C or D that best completes each sentence.

11. Children ……full-time education at the age of 7 here.

A. enter B. start C. begin D. set off

12. We like to give our employees the chance to …….their education.

A. continue B. extend C. prolong D. A and B

13. I was lucky because I had a …..education.

A. very good B. decent C. excellent D. All are correct

14. ………education is not available for all families.

A. Nursery B. Early C. Pre-school D. All are correct

15. She lay awake half the night worrying, but …. a decision in the morning

A. arrive at B. come to C. reach D. All are correct

16. I ……a ceramics course at the local college.

A. did B. attended C. took D. All are correct

17. I enrolled …… the modem art course.

A. for B. in C. on D. All are correct

18. My old headmaster said he would …… me a very good reference.

A. send B. write C. give D. B and C

19. About 15,000 years ago, northern Wisconsin …… under ice a mile deep.

A. buried B. was burying

c. was buried D. had buried

20. Edward was new on the job, but he quickly fit himself into the routine of the ….. routine of the office.

A. established C. establishes

B. establishing D. establish

21. The Mayan Indians …..an accurate and sophisticated calendar more than seven centuries .

A. were developed B. developed

C. are developed D. have been developed

22. George is ….. Lisa.

A. marry with B. marry to

C. married with D. married to

23. The rescuers ….. for their bravery and fortitude in locating the lost mountain climbers.

A. were praised B. praised

C. were praising D. praising

24. When I woke up and looked outside, the landscape had changed. The ground had been lightly …… with a dusting of snow during the night.

A. covering B. cover

C. covers D. covered

25. We can’t even walk in the storm. Let’s wait in the hallway where we’ll be the…… strong winds until things quiet down.

A. protected from B. protected by

C. protecting from D. protecting by

26 – 30. Choose the underlined part among A, B, C or D that needs correcting.

26. “If you believed in Santa Claus, he will come andvisit you tonight,” the father said to his son.


27. People said that if the Computer weren’t invented their way of life wouldn’t have changed so dramatically.


28. The experiment to conduct at the University of New York was successful.


29. The ring I lost last week found by a farmer who was digging a hole in the Street out the house.


30. The problem today is to build houses at a price that young people can afford to pay to.


31 – 35. Choose the correct sentence among A, B, C or D which has the same meaning as the given one.

31. If our college hadn’t been on fire, we wouldn’t have had to move to another town.

A. Because our college was on fire, we had to move to another town.

B. We were in trouble moving our college to another town.

c. Our college was set on Tire, but we to move to another town.

D. Unless our college were on fire, we wouldn’t have to move to another town.

32. The boss will only give you the money when you have finished that job.

A. Only when you have done that job will the boss give you the money.

B. Only when you have done that job the boss will give you the money.

C. When you have done that job will the boss only gi ve you the money.

D. When you have done that job only the boss can give you the money.

33. Peter got the job but all other applicants couldn’t.

A. Peter was the first applicant to get the job.

B. Peter was the only applicant to get the job.

C. Peter was the only applicant to getting the job.

D. Peter was the only applicant who was applying for the job.

34. He wrote an article which indicated that he disliked the president.

A. In order to fight against the president, he wrote an article.

B. The article written by him was used for indicating the president.

C. He wrote an article indicating that he disliked the president.

D. A and B are correct

35. That smoking has a bad effect on our health has been proved.

A. That smoking, which has a bad effect on our health, has been proved

B. It has been proved that smoking is harmful to our health.

C. Smoking badly affects our health is true.

D. That bad effect of smoking on our health has been proved.


36 – 45. Choose the word or phrase among A, B, C or D that best fits the blank space in the following passage:

Some years ago, my daughter was studying English at a university on the South coast. One evening, she phoned to (36)…. me that what she really wanted to do was a (37)…. round the world, so she was looking (38) …… the possibility of working in another country. She had seen several (39)…. in the newspaper for student teachers of English abroad, and she was (40)…. in one in Italy, which she was desperate to visit.

She decided that this would be a good (41)…. to achieve her ambition, so she was writing to (42)…. for the job. The reply (43)…. A long time to arrive, but eventually she received a letter asking if she would go for an interview in London the following week. She was so excited that she immediately (44)…. in touch with the school owner and agreed to attend the interview. She was determined that nothing would prevent her (45)….. doing what she had set out to do.

36. A. say B. talk C. tell D. speak

37. A. picnic B. trip C. voyage D. journey

38. A. up B. over C. round D. into

39. A. posters B. notices C. advertisements D. announcements

40. A. keen B. interested C. attracted D. enthusiastic

41. A. way B. path C. route D. manner

42. A. claim B. require C. apply D. interview

43. A. was B. took C. passed D. spent

44. A. got B. went C. came D. became

45. A. of B. in C. about D. from

46 – 50. Choose the item among A, B, C or D that best answers the question about the passage:

If parents bring up a child with the aim of turning the child into a genius, they will cause great damage to him. According to several leading educational psychologists, this is one of the biggest mistakes which some parents make. Generally, the child will understand very well what the parents expects, and will fail. Unrealistic parental expectations can cause great damage to the children.

However, if parents are not unrealistic about what they expect their children to do, but are hopeful in a sensible way, the child may succeed in doing very well especially if the parents are very supportive of their children.

Michael Smiths is very lucky. He is very fond of music, and his parents help him a lot by taking him to concerts and arranging private piano and violin lessons. Although Michael’s father plays the trumpet in a large orchestra, he never makes Michael enter music competitions if he is unwilling.

Michael ‘s friend, Winston Maier, however, is not so lucky. As both his parents are successful musicians, they set too high a Standard for Winston. They want their son to be as successful as they are, and so they enter him in every piano competition held. They are very unhappy when be does not win. “When I was at your age, I used to win every competition I entered,” Winston’s father tells him. Winston is always afraid that he will disappoint his parents and row he always seems quiet and unhappy.

46. The main idea of the passage is ……

A. how parents should make a child a musician

B. how parents should bring up a child

C. what differences there are between two kinds of parents

D. what aim of a child can be much earlier to reach

47. Michael is lucky because I ……

A. his parents help him in a sensible way

B. his family is rich enough to have a car

C. his father is a musician in an orchestra

D. he is free to do anything that he likes best

48. Winston’s parents set so high a Standard for him that …….

A. he has to do his best to do everything

B. he has made great progress in music

C. he is afraid that he may disappoint them

D. he often wants to kill himself some day

49. It is one of parents’ mistakes if …..

A. they want their child to be a musician

B. they help their child to win music competitions

C. they don’t care for their child’s education much

D. they make their child try to achieve too much

50. According to the author’s opinion, .

A. it is unimportant to let the child develop in the way they want

B. parents should be supportive of their children

C. all sensible parents can train their children to succeed in everything

D. unrealistic parents should arrange private lessons for their children

test yourself B

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