Đáp án đề số 45 – Tuyển chọn đề thi vào lớp 10 chuyên Anh

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Đáp án đề 45 – thi chuyên Anh 10


I. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the others.

1. A 2. C 3. D 4. B 5. D

II. Choose the word whose stress pattern is different from that of the others.

1. B 2. D 3. C 4. C 5. A


I. Choose the best word or phrase to complete the following sentences.

1. C 2. D 3. B 4. B 5. A 6. C 7. C 8. B 9. C 10. B
11. A 12. B 13. C 14. C 15. C 16. D 17. A 18. B 19. D 20. B

II. Give the correct form of the words provided.

1. employer 2. ambitious 3. encouragement 4. security 5. imagination
6. strengthen 7. proof 8. training 9. qualified 10. unsuccessful

III. The passage below contains 10 errors. UNDERLINE and CORRECT them.

1. visiting —> to visit 2. no —> not 3. at —> to
4. their —> its 5. up —> down 6. had —> had been
7. risen —> raised 8. extending —> extended
9. previous —> previously 10. untidy gravel yard —> an untidy gravel yard


I. Read the passage below and fill each blank with ONE suitable word. Write your answers in the numbered blanks provided in the passage.

1. ways/means 2. understood 3. sounds 4. Learning 5. vocabulary
6. speak 7. express 8. main 9. way 10. show

II. Read the text and decide which answer best fits each space

1. A 2. C 3. B 4. D 5. C 6. B 7. B 8. A 9. D 10. A

III. Read the following passage and choose the best answer.

1. C 2. B 3. C 4. A 5. A 6. B 7. B 8. D 9. C 10. C


I. For each of the sentences below, write a new sentence as similar as possible in meaning to the original sentence, using the words provided. These words MUST not be altered in any way.

1. She reminded me of her grandmother.

2. Sarah wore dark glasses to avoid being recognized.

3. She had every intention of finding out who is responsible for the accident.

4.1 haven’t made up my mind whether to move or not yet.

5. I am not used to going into town by car.

– I don’t get/ become used to going into town by car.

6. She has been (working as) a secretary for five years.

7. Be careful or you’ll fall.

8. George told Mary (that) he had seen the film three times.

9. This is the first time I’ve eaten this kind of food.

10. I am going to have a shower as soon as I get home.

II. Finish each of the following sentences in such a way that it means exactly the same as the sentence printed before it.

1. What an excellent meal (that /it was)!

2. I’d rather not go to/ visit the museum.

Or I’d rather stay at home than go to/ visit the museum.

3. Customers are requested not to smoke in this area of the restaurant.

4. In spite of taking/ having taken / the fact that Peter had taken a taxi, he/ Peter

arrived late for the concert.

5. Rather than disturb the meeting, I left without saying goodbye.

6. There has been a considerable fall in the cost of living in the past week.

7. Only by training hard every day can you become a good athlete.

8. Could you keep an eye on my handbag while I go to the toilet?

9. He wished he hadn’t invited her to the party.

10. Robert confessed to forgetting/ having forgotten to turn on the alarm system.


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