Unit 1 The generation gap (A. Pronunciation) trang 5 – Sách bài tập tiếng anh 11 – Chương trình mới

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Unit 1 The generation gap

A. Pronunciation

In each sentence, find the words that normally carry stress. Put the stress mark (‘) before the stressed syllable in these words. Then practise reading the sentences with the correct stress.

(Trong mỗi câu, tìm những từ mà thường mang nhấn mạnh. Đặt dấu nhấn ( ‘) trước khi các âm tiết được nhấn mạnh trong những từ này. Sau đó thực hành đọc các câu với nhấn mạnh chính xác.)

1. The generation gap today is mainly in the use of technology.

2. There are numerous reasons for the existence of this gap.

3. The main reason lies in the fact that the majority of teens have grown up using technology.

4. A lot of teens’ parents have been using the Internet much longer than their children have.

5. Today’s children are learning computer skills before they acquire any life skills.

6. Nowadays, children are the ones who teach their parents about the Internet and social media.


1. The generation ‘gap to’day is ‘mainly in the ‘use of tech’nology.

2. There are ‘numerous ‘reasons for the e’xistence of this ‘gap.

3. The ‘main ‘reason ‘lies in the ‘fact that the majority of ‘teens have ‘grown up ‘using tech’nology.

4. A ‘lot of ‘teens’ parents have been ‘using the ‘Internet much ‘longer than their ‘children have.

5. To’day’s ’children are ‘learning com’puter ‘skills before they ac’quire any ‘life ‘skills.

6. ‘Nowadays, ‘children are the ‘ones who ‘teach their ‘parents about the ‘Internet and ‘social ‘media.

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